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Comment Re:Apple TV (Score 2) 165

I agree that Netflix should make the CC setting global. That said, I strongly disagree with your ageist assertion that "no senior citizen could cope." I loaned our Apple TV 2 to a retired neighbor for a week recently, just so he could put Netflix through its paces. He liked it so much that he went out and bought his own. He's not terribly computer savvy, so the most challenging aspect of the process was configuring the WiFi, iTunes and Netflix logins. He called me and left a message asking for help, but figured it out before I got home that day. As far as enabling closed captioning goes, he was delighted to discover how simple it was to activate.

Comment Re:Apple TV (Score 5, Informative) 165

The Apple TV 2 supports closed captioning in Netflix. Simply hold down the select button on the remote for several seconds and a captioning menu pops up. I second Apple TV. I introduced it to a retired neighbor who was growing increasingly irate at the endless bombardment of repeating commercials on cable. They absolutely love it.

Comment Re:I'm amazed... (Score 1) 1737

The founding fathers knew this -- that's why they advocated jury trials in the first place. It was an attempt to remove this mob mentality from the judicial process, and as a balance against populism swaying the government and giving in to the transient emotional outbursts of the crowd, the mob, the public

The jury _is_ the crowd, the mob, the public. That's the entire point of the jury.

Comment Re:Hogging (Score 1) 361

Honestly, with today's cell phones, I don't see why it couldn't be done live. Rig the cell phones to the load cells on the cranes, and have them network with the main PC. The main PC has a map of the desired weight densities for each location. Then, fit each container in where the weight density matches best. Set your 5% worst misfits aside for when need an extra light or extra heavy unit.

In essence, it's no different than converting a 24-bit bmp to display on an 8-bit MCGA.

Comment Re:Change the climate? Ha! (Score 1) 365

Yes... but when you go back to where you were, you change the rotation of the Earth back to how it was again. I'm more concerned with people doing round the world trips, who almost invariable see to go eastwards for some reason. They permanently change the rotation speed of the earth.

ps. I'm not really worried by this.

Comment Re:Let's look in the mirror (Score 1) 379

Never, because that would be an instance of Godwin's law, causing the discussion to shut down. Of course, it is absolutely impossible for any civilization to actually approach such a situation.

The big question in my mind, is when do things become so bad, that people wish that they were only dealing with the Nazis. And, will we get there? And How soon?

Comment Re:The quality conrol problems... (Score 1) 323

No, that's free market. Capitalism is rule by capital, meaning that the richest guy bribes the government to pass laws that restrict their competitors, and everything falls apart rather similar to what's happening in that largish third world country, what's it's name, the EU? Estados Unidos, or something. United States! That's it. Anyhow, when bribes rule, then the rich get richer and the poor get enslaved, kindof like in that other system, communism.

Comment Re:Invalid certificate :-| (Score 1) 144

This is key -- but full of irony. The only thing worse than no security, is security that you don't know, but only think is secure.

So if you really want security, you have to abandon -- first and foremost -- these certificates. You don't know how they run.

You can forget about Linux -- you didn't program it, and you don't know what code obfusciation might do.

For sure you can forget Microsoft, Android, and whatnot. You'd be more secure speaking in person.

For those for whom relative security is enough -- for example, those who want to pay by credit card and be reasonably secure against loss, that's easier. Then you can go with all those established security procedures.

More to the point... now that the Transparent President has issued orders for government employees to spy on each other, lest the misdeeds of the powerful be leaked, more at issues is whom might you annoy?

(Caveat: I have nothing for Obama; but I have nothing for any Republican candidate either. I'd say I have nothing against them, but it's more like I have nothing for them. In my book, they're equally evil and undeserving of votes.)

Comment Re:(The Real) Murphy's Law strikes again! (Score 5, Interesting) 323

Yes, the real, original Murphy's law apparently came from Col. Stapp, who was testing rocket sleds for the rocket program.

I should note that the putative original Murphy's Law reads, "If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it." . The website goes on to say "This is a principle of defensive design, cited here because it is usually given in mutant forms less descriptive of the challenges of design for lusers. For example, you don't make a two-pin plug symmetrical and then label it `THIS WAY UP'; if it matters which way it is plugged in, then you make the design asymmetrical."

Highly appropriate to the topic, I might say. If only they had labeled, with the arrow, the words "up", and put another arrow down, with the letters "dn" for "down", then none of this would have happened.

For those who wish to nit-pick my attention to detail and editing, also, I will for further irony include the wikipedia link, as well:

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