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Journal Journal: Android for Raspberry Pi 4

More or less every day I visit the Raspberry Pi home page to see if there is any new information on when the allegedly-mostly-working Android 4 will be released, and every day there isn't. As far as I know, Broadcom is the holdup. This does not give me confidence in Broadcom...

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Journal Journal: And now...

This journal entry intentionally left blank.


Journal Journal: Good large-format inkjet with continuous inking?

I am looking for a large-format inkjet with continuous inking that is suitable for printing poster prints and the like. Ideally it would have both Linux and Windows support, preferably through a standard protocol, but this is not an absolute necessity. What IS a necessity is the ability to install a continuous inking system for making these large prints, and being able to change inks. I am biased towards Epson or Canon but I want good advice, not just biased.

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Journal Journal: Copyright 2

Copyright is not a natural right, and if it had been instituted in its current form (denial of copying, as opposed to forced copying) two thousand years earlier we'd probably be at least a thousand years behind where we are now.

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Journal Journal: Strategy games that don't cheat? 3

OK, I know AI is hard (no pun intended) but are there any strategy games out there that don't cheat on any but the lowest levels? Haven't tried Civ V yet, but IV is just another case of easy easy easy IMPOSSIBLE to me... I just can't muster the interest to outsmart a computer program written to cheat against me.

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Journal Journal: Continuous servos? 5

I want some continuous servos. Should I buy or hack? What's good to buy if I just want to do that? Double-BB and metal gear would both be nice.

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Journal Journal: Anyone know who did UPS' website? 5

I would like them to be informed that they are douchewaffles. Even the whole sign-in/password recovery system feels like something running on a 3270.

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Journal Journal: Why I'm not playing Evochron Mercenary

The trial is two days, so I didn't want to start it, and now I've removed it for disk space, and probably won't bother to reinstall. Let this be a lesson to you, limited-time trials are for fucking idiots.


Journal Journal: Oh Steam, how do I hate thee 4

Let me count the ways... I just want to uninstall a game, I don't want to update Steam. I need that disk space back now, not tomorrow.


Journal Journal: why do the democrats keep spamming me 5

They solicited me several times to go to expensive dinners I can't afford, and now they want me to buy "which mitt" mugs. Is it a plot to attempt to drive me to the republican party? It's not going to work, I'll vote third party this time no matter what.

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Journal Journal: RJ;DR. 2

Here's your chance to do something for the web. When a story is posted that requires javascript, JUST SAY NO.

Requires Javascript;Didn't Read. FTW.

Fight back against douchewaffles like Gawker Media who don't understand the web.

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Journal Journal: An open letter to Avira 5

I am getting tired of your popups, and the fact that your facebook app does not support https makes me laugh at your notion of security. I dub thee douchewaffle. Time to look for another free antivirus. Will not recommend Avira for corporate use evar.

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