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Comment Re:causality (Score 1) 323

I am confused - did the upside-down sensors cause the other problems as well, such as the early disconnect of wiring,

I don't have an answer, but that seems highly plausible to me; if you install in the wrong orientation then the wiring can be pulled out. Automotive sensors occasionally can be installed in multiple positions but the cable only really reaches in one.

Comment Re: Really?!? (Score 3) 1448

You are seriously deluded or misinformed if you think the military wants society's rejects.

They will take what they can get. There's been plenty of articles on how the recruiters are scraping the bottoms of barrels because less and less educated people are making the decision to go die in the desert for someone else's profit.

Comment Re:Other reasons? (Score 1) 253

And this is why some of the drone systems planned include a group of drones that shadow a fighter. You can send them on little missions to engage enemies and so on, and do things you can't because you're a squishy bag of mostly water. The drones can be semiautonomous or perhaps even have an optical communications system as backup in case of radio jamming. But on the other hand, that's still an interim step between semiautonomous and fully autonomous drones...

Comment Re:The time has come to move forward (Score 1) 253

There is no way you are going to be as effective flying CAS missions when the pilot is multiple satellite hops delayed or be able to properly plan an ingress route, weapon release point, target location and egress route, upload it as quickly as a pilot in the aircraft can.

You have this exactly backwards. With proper surveillance support, you can do all this faster and easier from an armchair, because you don't have to do it while also flying a plane. The plane flies itself while you click the mouse. More likely, however, your commander is clicking the mouse, and you're stepping in to do a little flying whenever the automated systems aren't handling the mission as well as you would like.

Comment Re:We need a new class of 'ultralight' cars (Score 1) 353

The premise behind a motorcycle is that you can get out of the way if someone is going to smash you. You can't get that kind of car out of the way of anything. In order to safely place such vehicles on our roads, we would have to make substantial changes. The best approach would probably be a graduated system of licensing as used with two-wheeled motor vehicles in Japan. You prove your way up to heavy vehicles, and vehicles with higher-displacement engines. This would eliminate most of the SUVs and 3/4 ton pickups from the road if done responsibly. Also, we would need to either build more rail and move more freight to it, or institute stricter standards for truck shipping including better training and testing for drivers and a national 55 mph speed limit for towing with strict enforcement. We currently have many poorly-trained truckers running around at top speed with inadequate training... on speed. And that, friends, is why I drive a car with crumple zones.

Comment Re: Space is rough (Score 1) 70

You are strangely ignorant [...] and off the shelf 486 chip these days can almost be considered "radiation hardened" due to the low count and large size of transistors,

You are strangely ignorant if you don't know that Intel has long been producing genuinely radiation hardened x86 processors for the space program. It wasn't long ago they introduced the hardened Pentium, which AFAIK is about the most powerful hardened processor available so far. They were radiation hardening processors before the 486 was even a thing, before they even could make such fine features, because that most certainly is not sufficient radiation hardening.

Comment Re:Really?!? (Score 5, Informative) 1448

Before, people acted with revulsion only to sexual relations with an actual child -- today, if a woman of this age sends her naked photo to the father of her child, she goes to jail for "pedophilia".

Almost. They both go to jail for child pornography, she for producing and he for possessing. Then the child goes into a home, and probably eventually into the military or a prison. Either way, the state profits.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy (Score 1) 976

As for Gun Safety, if you check out the recent rhetoric on the background checks legislation you'll find a lot of people very skeptical of anything labeled "gun safety."

You've almost got it. It's skeptical of anything done by our government in the name of safety, which they clearly do not give one tenth of one fuck about.

I've had enough internet conversations on gun rights to meet people who oppose gun-safes, ever for long guns, on principle.

There are crazy people out there. However, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Bans on cheap handguns have already been struck down as unconstitutional, because they are biased against the poor. Instead of worrying about whether disadvantaged people will steal guns, why not worrying about whether people are disadvantaged? Oh, because the entire system is based on having people be disadvantaged? Which is part of what the guns are for to begin with.

As for the most likely use of the map, one man's "harassment" is another man's freedom of speech.

No, no it is not, and if you believe that then you don't understand freedom of speech.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy (Score 1) 976

I got a kid. I'm paranoid that if he goes to a gun-owning house he'll blow his own brains out.

So you do your best to keep him away from cops, right? Because cops commit crimes at about the same rate as the general population, and they all have guns.

Maybe I don't want to live next door to a guy who thinks Gun Safety is a Liberal conspiracy AND owns six weapons.

Nobody thinks gun safety is a liberal conspiracy. Some people think that particular types of government interference in a constitutionally-guaranteed right are unconstitutional and not done in the best interest of The People, though.

Frankly the least likely use of this map is for criminals to find targets.

Right, the most likely is harassment, and the next most likely is for criminals to find targets. You only hear about stupid criminals.

Comment Re:Geotagging non-gun owners (Score 1) 976

Problem is, who says he actually is unarmed? People lie about that all the time. Remember Ms. poor-trigger-discipline-herself Dianne Feinstein's concealed revolver that she carried to protect herself against "terrorists"? Yeah, Feinstein was way ahead of the curve on the war on terror. I wouldn't bet he walks his talk if my life depended on it.

Comment Re:I've seen this before. (Score 1) 976

A long time ago, some people at UT Austin put signs in front of dorms listing "potential rapists" that had the names of all male residents. Indiscriminate and unsubstantiated accusations do not serve a useful purpose.

And that's what happens when stupid people meet stupid rhetoric. The fact is that women can rape as well. An honest list would contain the names of all students, faculty, police, janitorial staff, contractors... But it is equally a list of potential non-rapists. Too bad they chose to promote rape.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy (Score 1) 976

Now if you guys started actually showing up at our houses we'd freak a bit, but simply giving you the ability to find out where our houses are does not scare us.

What purpose does creating such a list serve but enabling people to show up at houses? You have nothing to fear from people who store "dangerous" guns in their houses (I have news for you, all guns are dangerous) unless you intend to do something bad in their house.

These lists only serve two purposes, neither legitimate. They assist criminals who wish to steal guns, and they assist criminals who wish to avoid houses where they might get shot.

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