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Comment Re:Hypocrisy (Score 1) 976

I got a kid. I'm paranoid that if he goes to a gun-owning house he'll blow his own brains out.

So you do your best to keep him away from cops, right? Because cops commit crimes at about the same rate as the general population, and they all have guns.

Maybe I don't want to live next door to a guy who thinks Gun Safety is a Liberal conspiracy AND owns six weapons.

Nobody thinks gun safety is a liberal conspiracy. Some people think that particular types of government interference in a constitutionally-guaranteed right are unconstitutional and not done in the best interest of The People, though.

Frankly the least likely use of this map is for criminals to find targets.

Right, the most likely is harassment, and the next most likely is for criminals to find targets. You only hear about stupid criminals.

Comment Re:Geotagging non-gun owners (Score 1) 976

Problem is, who says he actually is unarmed? People lie about that all the time. Remember Ms. poor-trigger-discipline-herself Dianne Feinstein's concealed revolver that she carried to protect herself against "terrorists"? Yeah, Feinstein was way ahead of the curve on the war on terror. I wouldn't bet he walks his talk if my life depended on it.

Comment Re:I've seen this before. (Score 1) 976

A long time ago, some people at UT Austin put signs in front of dorms listing "potential rapists" that had the names of all male residents. Indiscriminate and unsubstantiated accusations do not serve a useful purpose.

And that's what happens when stupid people meet stupid rhetoric. The fact is that women can rape as well. An honest list would contain the names of all students, faculty, police, janitorial staff, contractors... But it is equally a list of potential non-rapists. Too bad they chose to promote rape.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy (Score 1) 976

Now if you guys started actually showing up at our houses we'd freak a bit, but simply giving you the ability to find out where our houses are does not scare us.

What purpose does creating such a list serve but enabling people to show up at houses? You have nothing to fear from people who store "dangerous" guns in their houses (I have news for you, all guns are dangerous) unless you intend to do something bad in their house.

These lists only serve two purposes, neither legitimate. They assist criminals who wish to steal guns, and they assist criminals who wish to avoid houses where they might get shot.

Comment Re:How about (Score 1) 175

And just how waterproof is your phone? You talk a lot of shit about the Xperia Z, but I'm willing to bet it's still better than anything you've got.

The question was whether anyone made a waterproof phone. Whether my phone is waterproof has no bearing on that whatsoever. Thanks for playing, though.

Comment Re:How about (Score 2, Interesting) 175

Well, reception kinda sucks 30m down, so....

Ha ha, but if I drop my phone in a pool, I want it to still work when I pick it up. 1 meter won't give me that. It's useless, like most Sony products.

I own a 2011 Xperia Play, which I bought used. I'm $50 into the phone counting a new back, which was needed. Sony abandoned it before providing the promised software update; before that they abandoned the platform in general and didn't release a tenth of the software they implied would be available. Good thing I didn't buy it new, or I'd be pissed. But I know better than to give Sony my money.

Does anyone make an actually waterproof phone? With useful waterproofing? And no Sony logo?

Comment Re:But I like big, smoke-belching factories (Score 1) 128

Or you pick a line of work that can't practically be outsourced, like say plumbing.

Plumbing is a union job. That has its ups but it also has its downs. I know both plumbers and electricians who can't actually get work because the unions have the job market completely sewn up and they effectively get to decide who works.

Probably the best thing to do would be to move out of the USA before the dustbowl hits. Where to go now, though? I was thinking Panama but now that both the Pacific and the Gulf are boned and you don't want to eat the fish, that's kind of shot.

Comment Re:But I like big, smoke-belching factories (Score 1) 128

We can find smokestacks out of compliance as fast as we can pay people to probe them. My buddy the ex-stack-climber says that literally everything he sampled (which included coal power plants) was over the legal numbers. Everything includes coal-fired power generation. Those scrubbers either don't work or aren't being used correctly.

Comment Re:Seeing the sreen in the sun (Score 2) 175

My 2011 Xperia Play has a transflective LCD, and it's a near-4" phone. It's really quite hilarious, because you must get every iota of grease off of the phone to see it in sunlight, and then you still have to deal with the scratches on the screen protector. The screen protector is not optional, users who remove it and do not replace it reliably experience digitizer failure. However, once you wipe the screen well, it really does show up perfectly as long as you orient yourself correctly to the sun...

My take is that transflective LCDs went out of favor because of these factors. You still can't just take your phone out of your pocket and use it, you have to wipe it first. Do you carry a lint-free cloth? Do you want to?

Comment Re:How about (Score 2) 175

The new Sony Xperia Z is waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Try again.

One meter? So that's just enough to stand in water up to your head (well, my head, being two meters tall) with the phone in your pocket. But if you should drop it... That doesn't fucking count. That's rainproofing. Supposedly waterproof watches that only claim to resist to 15M or 30M regularly fail in pool environments. I do not believe for one tenth of one second that the new Xperia Z has useful waterproofing.

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