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Comment Patent would not cover sudo (Score 1) 657

This doesn't sound like it would cover sudo to me, or even a GUI-wrapper for sudo. While I am not a patent attorney, I have been hacking on sudo for the past 15+ years.

My reading of the patent indicates that it is geared towards GUI-based environments where the user may need to perform some action (such as setting the clock in a control panel) that requires increased privileges. The actual "invention" appears to be that the user is able to perform an action as a different user without having to type in the name of that other user when authenticating. One example given in that patent is the ability to click on a name in a list of privileged users as opposed to having to type in a user name.

Sudo simply doesn't work this way. When a command is run via sudo the user is actively running the command as a different user. What is described in the patent is a mechanism whereby an application or the operating system detects that an action needs to be run with increased privileges and automatically prompts the user with a list of potential users that have the appropriate privilege level to perform the task.

Comment No released version of sudo affected (Score 5, Informative) 194

The sudo systrace support is part of an experimental feature ("monitor mode") not present in any of the real sudo releases (though the code is available via anonymous cvs). Given the deficiencies of systrace (and ptrace) it is unlikely that this feature will be present in any future sudo release.

  - todd

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