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Comment Re:What about the banks? (Score 1) 422

2FA like security tokens with 6 digits does not protect against MITMA, i.e. in case then you PC infected and trojan can change all requests/responds. You might not even know that you are trasfering money to a wrong account, for example. The only solution would be a proper "calculator" type tokens with MAC signature but that is really not user friendly.

Comment _you_ can't restore it after simple single zero dd (Score 1) 497

have you seen the challenge? However, once the space is overwritten with other data, there is no known way to recover it. It cannot be done with software alone since the storage device only returns its current contents via its normal interface. Gutmann claims that intelligence agencies have sophisticated tools, among these magnetic force microscopes, that, together with image analysis, can detect the previous values of bits on the affected area of the media (for example hard disk). This has not been proven one way or the other, and there is no published evidence as to intelligence agencies' current ability to recover files whose sectors have been overwritten, although published Government security procedures clearly consider an overwritten disk to still be sensitive.[3] Companies specializing in recovery from damaged media cannot recover completely overwritten files
In fact, physical damage got more chances for recovery then simple DD. So why do you still want to use a device for that?

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