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Comment Re: Idiot (Score 1) 188

This would not be creepy, it would be more interesting. And if you posted someone at the end of the street with a table an fliers, than you could make a point. I have to agree with others, his approach is creepy, and isn't getting the right word out.

Comment Re:I was entirely sympathetic to Snowden (Score 1) 330

I linked that in my reply to your last post, and it STILL has Chinese as most spoken. In 1997 and 2010. Yes 1 column out of 4 listed (one old) as English first. But all three columns are in close number of difference for how abstract this is. (261 dif, 151 dif, 138 dif)

From The Link; emphasis mine:

These are lists of languages by the number of first and second language speakers. However, particularly because of large uncertainties in estimating the number of secondary speakers, all such lists should be used with caution. In particular, the lists below should be seen as tentative.
give you a random list of who knows who sites. One had Spanish as second above English below Chinese, but I am not saying I trust those random sources. I guess the argument is mute at this point than. The most official data is 3 years old.

Comment Re:What many perceive to be the real issue (Score 1) 315

I think that we kind of agree. It is easy. And your right, no one has explained it. I think that is partly my point, I do it with DVI. DVI is just as easy IMHO. But no matter how easy it is, people aren't doing it. MS doesn't care most likely though, they get you to buy the xbox one, and a computer, maybe even a tablet. If you only buy one, they still got that much money.

Now, yes an OEM like tell marketing a pc ready to hook to the tv will bring it closer. I think isn't the steam box something like this though?

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