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Comment Re:Steam Vs XBox One (Score 1) 581

You can read all of this for yourself, there are a ton of details here, but still some questions. If I'm sharing a game with a family member, can we play against each other online? Imagine being able to buy one copy of the latest Halo, and family members get to play co-op or competitive games against you from their own systems. Pretty nifty. This is something that made me think. We would have to buy two consoles, but could me and my fiance really play games together again?

Comment Re:I was born in the wrong era... (Score 1) 163

I am not good at SC2. I played some ladder and after a short time felt mentally exhausted. And to keep up the must look at mini map, must look at where my screen is, must look at my production tab, must give inputs, there is a lot going on. I guess were arguing physically, but I have to say it is interesting to me. I am sure there are a lot out there, but watch HDstarcraft on YouTube. He casts games, as any game caster would. I don't know the world top now, but if you watch real good zerg players it is crazy.

The zerg move as a swarm you would see in real life, and you have to realize this is going on while the play managers new units, mining, expansions, and a lot of time multiple battles.


Comment Re:Start here (Score 1) 1145

I honestly think that the weights are market on different on packaging to make it hard to compare prices. Than they get you the unit price so you can compare, oh wait this name brand compares pounds, the store brand in ounces. Android unit compare for the win. Oh an alcohol is in liters. But than we call it a 5th, and half gallon? but it is really 755 ML I think? But we have pints, oh and yes the one "shoters".

But again, I think most of this is on purpose to confuse the consumer so they just buy something without realizing a comparison. And to this in, as it appears corporations run America, it won't change.

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