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Comment Re:Of course it protects the small investor (Score 1) 267

I was only trying to point out that to me it appeared the /. crowd was wanting it both ways. Save the software from patent trolls, yet save the poor old man from big corporations. Effectively asking for opposite things in patents. Else where on here after I posted this I read that this person is a poor example. I do think the patent stuff is messed up, but don't have a solution.

Comment Re:Underlying structure versus pretty pictures. (Score 1) 320

I would up mod you. So far, while porn jokes were humorous, you are the only one who has given me a good answer. I guess you are right. For a lot of things, it won't be useful. For some, you can. Maybe I'm worried that everyone will want a 3d page, even when it is of no use to those people. Someone above mentioned 3d news. Help me if news does that. Can you think how they would abuse the ad space? And, no I'm not closed minded, I just didn't see a use until someone with a decent explanation laid some out. :) I can see science in 3D now. THAT would be worth it. I guess maps in 3D, History places in 3D. Ok, just make sure the whole web doesn't use it for now reason (flash, cough, cough.)

Comment Re:It's a big assumption that mobile will take off (Score 1) 108

But the keep adding "services" to there site. Someone said that corporations get "addicted" to making more money. Why would FB add MORE to their site? To make more. I am beginning to think most "non physical things" are going to do this. You keep making more and more until you die to your bloat. Just hope you jump ship at profit and not die state. I am starting to wonder how MOST the internet can do anything? If you use it as a store front, and have something "physical" it works.

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