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Comment Re:This is where consoles win (Score 1) 230

Agreed. The appeal of console gaming is some hypothetical extreme example that has no basis in reality.

I find cheating actually quite rare in the competitive PC games I've played online. In fact, I think the cheating false positive is a lot more destructive to the PC gaming experience than cheating itself is. When stupid or extremely immature players (most of the gaming populace) are faced with the fact that a player may be better at a game than he/she is, they tend toward the more favorable answer to themselves that the person must have had some unfair advantage.

I have had this happen to me countless times in Counter-Strike where some player who has been playing on K-Mart speakers for 4 years thinks I'm wall hacking because I use his footsteps to locate and kill him from around a corner. Or extrapolate his movement path and shoot him through a wall with an AWP. I obviously can't do it every time, but the more times you try, the better you get at it, the better chance you have at scoring a hit, and hey sometimes you just get lucky. These types of things are super common for even casual players. Yet I, and I'm sure many others, are constantly getting banned by stupid server administrators for 'hacking'.

Not to mention that hacks are probably likely to be infected/repackaged with all kinds of bad things, and can get your key permanently disabled. They also ruin the challenge of a game and prevent you from actually improving, which are usually the main reasons people play competitive games for a reasonable length of time.

Comment Re:Depends on what they mean by charging... (Score 4, Insightful) 234

HBO has a record for stellar dramatic series and quality documentaries. Though they have really failed to produce in this department of late with crap like Tell Me You Love Me and In Treatment. They are lucky Curb went for another season or their new lineup would have been beyond pitiful.

Still, they have shows with amazing production value that blow the socks off of the total garbage network shows. Surely they have a couple viewers that watch these shows they blow millions on each year.

People haven't been subscribing to HBO for the softcore porn for quite a while. It may have been sort of true a decade or so ago, but we have the internet now, and that serves even the most demanding porn enthusiast.

Comment Re:In before the morons (Score 1) 438

Way to pick at the smallest detail of his point.

Personally I'd be happy with a simple installer wrapper I can use in lieu of being forced to give full admin privileges to software installers so they can execute whatever they want as well as shit files and registry entries all over my tidy hard drive

Something that makes a simple zip file with a text file inside with the names of files, their relative locations, and registry values needing copied, and it copies the files and creates the reg entries. Why do I have to give shit free rein to infect my computer with whatever crapware it wants just to try out a program?

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