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Comment Re:5 page paper? (Score 1) 539

I was called to jury duty once, 1994. During the questioning of prospective jurors, I was asked a question about whether I could follow the judge's instructions on how to apply the law to the the case. I answered "There are two schools of thought on this, 1) that the jury must follow such instructions and 2) that the judge has no business instructing the jury on anything. I subscribe to the later." This got me a very dirty look from the judge, followed by her furiously typing something in about my answer. Needless to say, I was not picked as a juror that day. And, 16 years later, I have never been called back for jury duty. That may just be the odds of being called, however, I think the judge's note (whatever it was) was probably along the lines of "Never, ever summon this person for jury duty ever again!!!!"

Comment Re:Google map it (Score 1) 560

Unless the sub is surfaced, this broadcast will be of absolutely no use. And, surfacing a sub is not something that is done on a routine basis at all, as it rises the possibility that the sub will be detected and can then be tracked. It is sometimes necessary to surface a sub for communications, but for the most part it is extremely infrequent. Communications in the LF, ELF or VLF would be more useful while the sub was submerged.

Comment Re:Road to hell... (Score 1, Informative) 483

And that, is a bunch of bull. I am a Libertarian and, in my experience, the Libertarian point of view is more along the lines of "It's my (and your) personal decision on whether or not to share". *Enforced* sharing, under threat of duress, punishment, fines, jail sentences, etc. *is not* sharing. Taxes for things that pay for things or services that a particular individual never uses falls into the category of *enforced* sharing. Get the government out of things it not constitutionally mandated to do, cut the size of government, put more money in people's pockets (as a result) and let them decide where and how they want that money spent. The U.S. Federal government, in particular, is and has done a piss poor job spending your and my money. Oh, and our kid's and grand kid's money too.

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