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Comment Re:Google map it (Score 1) 560

Unless the sub is surfaced, this broadcast will be of absolutely no use. And, surfacing a sub is not something that is done on a routine basis at all, as it rises the possibility that the sub will be detected and can then be tracked. It is sometimes necessary to surface a sub for communications, but for the most part it is extremely infrequent. Communications in the LF, ELF or VLF would be more useful while the sub was submerged.

Comment Re:Road to hell... (Score 1, Informative) 483

And that, is a bunch of bull. I am a Libertarian and, in my experience, the Libertarian point of view is more along the lines of "It's my (and your) personal decision on whether or not to share". *Enforced* sharing, under threat of duress, punishment, fines, jail sentences, etc. *is not* sharing. Taxes for things that pay for things or services that a particular individual never uses falls into the category of *enforced* sharing. Get the government out of things it not constitutionally mandated to do, cut the size of government, put more money in people's pockets (as a result) and let them decide where and how they want that money spent. The U.S. Federal government, in particular, is and has done a piss poor job spending your and my money. Oh, and our kid's and grand kid's money too.

Comment Re:The fact is, US is just as bad as China (Score 1) 536

Uh, no. The U.S. Constitution does not protect us from "Dickhead Politicians", not even close. The "Dickhead Politicians" swear a solemn oath to "support and defend" (Senators and Representatives) and to "preserve, protect and defend" (President) the Constitution. The Constitution is just words written down, it does nothing. What *does* protect us from "Dickhead Politicians" should be the other branches of government, which in the case of the Supreme Court sometimes occurs. The only other protection we "the people" have is demanding that the "Dickhead Politicians" stop violating their oaths of office and that they stop creating laws that create problems or make existing problems even worse. The economic disaster this country is experiencing was caused by these "Dickhead Politicians", either by laws that created or made existing problems worse OR through neglect (not doing a damn thing to correct existing problems at all). And now, these same "Dickhead Politicians" that created or exacerbated the problem(s) by direct action, or inaction, are telling the U.S. tax payer that WE (not them) have to pay more collectively in taxes to clean up THEIR mess. This is injustice on a massive scale and why more responsible representatives and senators are just going along with it, makes no sense at all.

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