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Comment Re:The fact is, US is just as bad as China (Score 1) 536

Uh, no. The U.S. Constitution does not protect us from "Dickhead Politicians", not even close. The "Dickhead Politicians" swear a solemn oath to "support and defend" (Senators and Representatives) and to "preserve, protect and defend" (President) the Constitution. The Constitution is just words written down, it does nothing. What *does* protect us from "Dickhead Politicians" should be the other branches of government, which in the case of the Supreme Court sometimes occurs. The only other protection we "the people" have is demanding that the "Dickhead Politicians" stop violating their oaths of office and that they stop creating laws that create problems or make existing problems even worse. The economic disaster this country is experiencing was caused by these "Dickhead Politicians", either by laws that created or made existing problems worse OR through neglect (not doing a damn thing to correct existing problems at all). And now, these same "Dickhead Politicians" that created or exacerbated the problem(s) by direct action, or inaction, are telling the U.S. tax payer that WE (not them) have to pay more collectively in taxes to clean up THEIR mess. This is injustice on a massive scale and why more responsible representatives and senators are just going along with it, makes no sense at all.

Comment Re:Obesity? (Score 1) 698

Wouldn't it be a better idea for people to walk those short distances, given how fat people are these days?

It's all relative. For a fat person, a "short distance" for a walk might be from the couch to the fridge to get another ice cream sandwich and back to the couch. Whereas, for a non-fat (or low fat) person, a "short distance" for a walk might be walking five blocks to local restaurant to get a hand made malt or milk shake.

Comment All this is... (Score 1) 833

... is a cost cutting measure. Very few people, in their right minds, would post on the forums when forced to reveal their real first and last names. As a result, less server overhead, maintenance, admin time, etc. As a result, this will make the forums more efficient and give moderators and admins more time to respond to their actively posting customers.... No, really.

Comment Re:Scum (Score 1) 312

This is what the government-run schools are supposed to eliminate: Ignorance. But instead they ended-up glorified babysitting zones.

In a more ideal world, the government should the be convicted of fraud and told to keep their hands out of educating our youth.

An educated public, in the minds of those running governments, are a very dangerous thing, unless they are "educated the right way"....

Comment Re:STOP SPENDING (Score 1) 174

Why bring Reagan back when Obama is outpacing even the worst of them as far as increasing the debt? 3 trillion in debt added in the 16 months (Jan 2009 to May 2010, CBO) Obama has been President, a new record! And, the *good thing* is that....he still has about 30 more months to go! Let's give it up for our Debtor in Chief, whoo! /golf clap

Comment Re:The Writing is On the Wall (Score 1) 282

Yeah, you obviously do not know much about the history of radio, let alone amateur radio, here in the U.S.

And, despite the waste of space in your head, where brains should be, during a major catastrophe (power down for days, weeks, etc.) POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) and HAM radio would be the only working sources for emergency communications, which might save even your sorry ass, that is, if you would ever pull your head out of it.

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