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Comment Re:Yes, Here's Why (Score 3, Insightful) 1747

Except the FOI request was from other scientist in the same field. It is one thing to be annoyed by an FOI request by someone outside the field but this was not the case. It is quite disturbing when you have scientist "20+ years" in the filed refusing to share data because???

No, as a scientist, something is very wrong with the way these professors acted and it should not be simply overlooked as anger and annoyance. The emails and the way they have acted all suggest they wanted to hide something.


Submission + - Robotech is back after 20 years

An anonymous reader writes: For 20 some years, some of us have been wondering what happened to Admiral Hunter at the end of the Robotech. Our answer may be out today, as Harmony Gold USA has released a DVD that picks up where the story left off. It may be the pilot for a follow up series. I haven't got mine yet, but you get it at all the usual places.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Microsoft blames their customers for poor sales

coderpath writes: "Are you an Asian gamer? Have you bought your XBox 360 yet? Well Microsoft wants to know Whats Wrong With U?. Targeted at Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore (not sure why they excluded Japan) it seems Microsoft is fed up with poor sales in Asian markets and is out to find out why. Is this a clever marketing ploy, or will it backfire?"

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