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Comment Re:Noise canceling headphones (Score 1) 561

NC headphones help but by themselves won't block out everything. Get some noise-cancelling headphones and play music - just don't play music you like. Find something you don't completely hate but that really doesn't float your boat. Something without vocals is preferable. You can grab all sorts of classical, big band, early jazz ensembles, etc. for free. It's not going to grab your attention and distract you like music you really like, but it will block out the sound around you. At least, that works for me. I use the trick for writing in public spaces.

Comment Re:DIY Fuel Air explosive (Score 1) 582

Sure, the frontiers are dangerous for those heading to them, but my intent was to highlight the attitude that are places that were wild and free from government, that one could 'escape' to, where in fact there was no place that was not lived in and ruled by somebody. So the idea that you could go somewhere and be free of the shackles of government and having to play nice while living amongst others means that you thought the people living there didn't matter, and their land was yours to do whatever you wanted with.

Comment Re:Technical conferences should be technical. (Score 4, Insightful) 562

The talk was completely off-topic and couldn't possibly improve the environment of the conference.

And, of course, that opinion is the only one that matters, so it's OK to lie and use whatever other cheap, underhanded methods you can use to impose your perspective on everyone else, right? "Rape trigger" is a convenient tool because it shuts down all further conversation.

A: "Rape trigger!"
B: "But I ..."
A: "What, do you support rape? What kind of sleazy, disgusting asshole are you?"
B: (slinks away)

Comment Have an hour meeting every week (Score 2) 366

My team has an hour meeting every week where we review code, how it could be better, what we can do better next time, how our overall system could change and improve. Instead of ragging on people, we sympathize when they are under deadlines and stress. People were hesitant and embarrased at first, but over time, as we've nurtured a supportive envrionment, people feel free to air their problems and ask for help. Knowing that your teammates truly have your back makes you feel good about yourself want to succeed. Sometimes people will give presentations of design patterns, functional programming, certain libraries, or new technologies like REST. Nothing big and fancy, just enough for everyone to get a handle on it and small enough to digest mentally. I don't know if this can work on every team because IT people seem to have a pandemic negativity and perfectionist syndrome. In the long run this just makes you give up and write crappy code, when you believe everything is futile and worthless when it's not perfect.

Comment Re:Great Deal (Score 3, Insightful) 308

Where are people going to see movies these days? Pleasure Island from Pinocchio? I've never seen or heard anyone texting, talking, or whatever on their phones. Granted, it's not a monastery, but it doesn't disturb me or ruin the movie for me. If you haven't been to the theater in 15 years, how do you know the behavior has gotten worse?

Comment Re:Great Deal (Score 4, Interesting) 308

Maybe you are the new-fangled type that prefers to watch media on their home entertainment system?

I've found that certain movies are enjoyable on the big screen, and less so on the small. Does that mean they lack something? Probably -- but for me, it's about the experience of the film. If it needs to be seen on the big screen for me to properly get the full effect, so be it. If it makes a less stellar movie feel like it was worth it, then it was worth it.

I don't go to the movies twice a month-- probably more 6-8 times a year-- but if I could go whenever for $19.95 a month, I might see almost every movie. If have have to shell out $10 for a movie, I have to think really hard if it will be worth it. If I've already shelled out the cash, it's a no-brainer.

Comment Re:No surprises here. (Score 3) 292

You forgot:

- No one is willing to fix code that already exists because it works "good enough"
- No one is willing to expend the resources (read time and money) to go back and rewrite bad piece of code.
- Fear of new code exposing how bad the other code is.

(32 years of real world coding.)

Comment Re:The most important rule of gun safety (Score 1) 1013

The full and proper set of rules is:

1 - Always treat a gun as if it is loaded, unless you, personally, have ensured that it is not.
2 - If you do not intimately know how the gun is loaded or unloaded, or how to check for a chambered round -- consider the gun is loaded.
3 - If another person tells you the gun is not loaded, treat it as loaded.

My dad taught me those when I was 8. I've always followed those rules to the letter, and I have never had a single accident with a gun. I have taught my kids the same rules, and they have never had a single accident with a gun.

This is not rocket science.

However, one of my "gun control nut" friends continues to tell me that there is no safe way to have a gun in your home without your kids blowing their heads off. This, despite me demonstrating that, with proper training, a gun is completely safe.

Comment Re:Bias (Score 1) 1013

Horrible example. The term "Cancer Stick" for cigarettes was coined in 1873. "Coffin Nails" was a favorite term since the 1890's. We didn't need the tobacco companies to tell us anything, we all knew it. Personal responsibility is the fact that, knowing this, people smoked them anyway. And I say this as a person who watched his two pack a day uncle die of lung cancer at age 59. He knew damn well that they were killing him, but he refused to stop smoking. He never thought they were anything but bad for him.

Guess what, alcohol can kill you too, so can cheeseburgers. So can not exercising. I suppose you want Big Brother government to tell you what you can eat, drink, and do with your free time too. Funny, our current "health-conscious" president is a notorious chain-smoker.

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