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Comment Re:Changing IMEI is illegal (Score 1) 109

Of course, that would go pretty strongly against the whole "my phone, my property" thing.

Sometimes, we have to make compromises. I'm willing to have a radio chip that I don't control inside my phone so long as I can turn that little fucker off when I want to. Ultimately, if I want to repurpose my phone I am free to eliminate the GSM antenna.

Comment Re:Jenny needs (Score 0) 588

to learn the difference between bioavailable mercury and non-bioavailable mercury.

And you need to learn to look at papers which don't share your bias. There is still question about what the breakdown products of Thimerosal actually are. And since it has actually been used for flu shots for schoolchildren in the USA since it wasn't supposed to be, it's still an item for discussion.

Comment Re:Appeal to authority is not good enough (Score 1) 588

Yes, when amalgam fillings are first placed you are exposed to some mercury vapor.

Yes, but when you die, some of the mercury is always missing. Where did it go? Did it just vanish into the aether? Or was it released from your tooth with hot beverages? I love a hot cup of coffee with extra mercury in the morning, every morning, for the rest of my life. With my 11 silver fillings.

Amalgam is a very durable

It's not. It always loses mercury.

Comment Re:Only in America... (Score 0) 311

That's because you have never been outside your Mom's basement, let alone outside the USA. There are many parts in the world where AMERICA (the sum total of North America, Central America, the Caribbean islands, and South America) is considered one single continent.

Yes, places full of complete idiots. Note the names of the plates. Now note that people who think there is one continent called America are ignorant at best.

Comment Re:Useless (Score 1) 187

Maybe it's not the best for inner city roads, but on long highway stretches it would be awfully nice to be able to see the road far ahead. Especially on road with hills and curves, headlights do a fairly bad job of lighting up that reflective paint (other than what's immediately ahead) because often your car is not oriented so as to illuminate it.

You should never outdrive your headlights. If your lights aren't illuminating the road in general (to say nothing of the reflective line) well enough for you to drive at your present speed, you're driving too quickly and/or there is something wrong with your headlights. Otherwise, you're driving wrong. You can get away with that shit on a track, but part of driving legally on a road is always being able to see what you're doing. You are legally obligated basically everywhere to be able to see where you're driving, and to stop driving (or slow down) if you can't.

Comment Re:All I will remember her saying is (Score 0) 588

Her only option is to state unequivocally that she's pro-vaccine and say it a lot.

Well, this is what the rabidly pro-vaxxers wanted her only option to be, so I guess mission accomplished?

For the record, I am pro-vaccination enough that I have had all of mine. I don't have children, so I'm not required to decide whether I think the normal schedule is safe. I'm against the use of thimerosal because no one can figure out for sure whether it breaks down into harmless products or not — there are papers which suggest both possible outcomes. It has been used for giving flu shots to elementary students since we were assured it wouldn't be used in the USA; I guess because they weren't mandatory, and parents were simply frightened into thinking they were necessary, it was still legal. Vaccines sold to other countries sometimes include it. There are alternatives, and it is used only in multiple-injection vials in any case. Those vials save a few nickels... But they are much cheaper for the organization buying them.

It should not be a wonder that people do not trust Big Pharma, which has demonstrated its lack of trustworthiness time and again.

Comment Re:Problem with releasing an underpowered console (Score 1) 117

Do we need another optical disc format for 4K? No, not really, streaming video will probably be enough and frankly BR has enough room that if they want to do it with H.265, they could.

We don't need a new optical disc, but we will at minimum need extensions to the format. Many consumers still want to buy a physical thing, and also, putting physical things in front of people still makes them buy shit they don't even really want, so they're going to keep doing that into the 4K era.

On the other hand, it's easy to see lots of companies just not bothering to release 4K content, because making 1080P is enough of a PITA compared to 480P

Comment Re:Problem with releasing an underpowered console (Score 1) 117

In which case, the PS4 and XBox One are "fine", except that they are a bit expensive for the hardware you get, in years past consoles were sold at a loss, this time around they are making a profit on each one.

MMOs proved that gamers would pay for the razor and pay again for the blades. (Even the fuck-it-five-blades razors of today can be had on sale such that you get the stupid plastic handle for free, and you only get robbed recurrently when you buy new cartridges.)

I've had an Xbox Live subscription a couple of times now. I wanted to play some Xbox 360 exclusives. Might well still play Titanfall. But I'm not even considering buying any of the current consoles. Had an Ouya for a moment, but it was garbage. I've got a MK908 Android stick hooked up to my TV, and occasionally I try to get a PS3 controller working with it without any real luck. I guess I'll just be sticking with PC gaming. Sadly, I will probably have to buy a new video card, as my 240GT is a bit long in the tooth, even if it was an awesome price:performance purchase back when I got it. It's adequate for games which really should barely even need a GPU like Civ IV, and it's great for old games I'm still playing like Freelancer, but I haven't even tried to play a modern AAA title on it and I don't want to. At my monitor's full 1920x1200 resolution, it ought to just about carry me through playing Black Mesa.

I just can't get excited about a game console if it can't even produce superior graphics to a typical PC on a TV, let alone on a fancier monitor. Certainly not excited enough to pay more for a game console that I'd spend on a nice new video card and a whole shitpile of RAM to go into my six-core (originally tri-core) PC.

Comment Re:Simple math (Score 1) 245

The input issue and the internal storage issue are squarely problems with Microsoft and Nintendo.

Oh, just Microsoft and Nintendo? So I can use a F22 Pro with some random USB HID class adapter board on the PS4? No? Hmm, didn't think so.

Some games like Minecraft lend themselves well to modding. However, I don't see the general purpose

Again, you don't see it, so you don't believe in it. It is the very definition of the argument from ignorance.

why are you crucifying all console gaming with the problems Microsoft had? That's an Xbox problem, not a console problem

Sony has had their epic hardware failures as well, we tend to forget them because they are not from Microsoft. But the PS, PSOne, and original PS2 all had horrendously unreliable optical drives as well. Pretty pathetic when the company selling them is one of the inventors of the CDROM.

Just because a PC can check email, go on IRC or be used to order pizza doesn't mean that I think it's lacking that the Xbox One or PS4 can't do either of those things. We're talking about a games console. For playing games on.

There's lots of other things I want to do on the same machine I'm playing games on, especially if I'm doing it in the living room where there's just one big display. I might like to look up some reference for the game I'm playing, for example.

The thing you're missing is that there's a deep experience in the ability to just put in a disc and play.

Well, there was a deep experience in being able to put in a cart and play. Then we got a different experience putting in a disc and maybe playing if it wasn't too scratched, the lens wasn't too dirty, and the optical drive was still working. Maybe you had to turn your playstation upside down, for example, before it would read a disc. The earliest optical drives for game consoles were all garbage, except the pop-top Sega CD which was simply lame. And by the time the later consoles came around, just put in a disc and play was over. Game consoles and games themselves now require updates!

I wanted to play some GTAV this morning, I spent more time waiting for the Xbox 360 update and then a GTAV update than I actually did playing. GTAV has a mandatory install, and you're explicitly told not to install the other of two discs. But I've already replaced my 360's optical drive once, and I'm not eager to do it again. It's not as simple as doing it on a PC; it's not like it's a strain, but I went so far as to buy a special case-opening tool to simplify the process of getting in there in the first place, and I omitted all the unnecessary (if you don't drop your console) screws that make it take so long to get in and out of there.

And I've also upgraded my 360's HDD, with a 160GB WD Caviar which came out of one of the small fleet of netbooks around here, and which I was able to convince the Xbox was a 120GB disk. Yep, I can use it on the Xbox by wasting part of it. Wow, I sure am getting a sweet deal with this whole console gaming thing! Having to boot a PC into DOS so that I could twiddle the drive firmware was so much easier than just slapping the disk into a PC and using the full capacity. The 60GB disk I was using just wasn't adequate any more, and I didn't feel like paying a special tax for a disk which has been blessed, even though any disk could technically work just fine.

Console games can get maybe 1 or 2 gig sized patches but it's never been PC gaming levels of bad.

You're talking about a handful of games which don't even appear on consoles. I agree that the file sizes have become offensive. Decided to try out SWTOR for shits and giggles. Wow, the control scheme is really crap, and it's enormous and I can't tell why. Just a bunch of textures? Get procedural, already. But if you brought the game to the Xbox One, which would probably involve little more than interface diddling, it would have the same massive install footprint as the PC version.

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