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Comment Re:Simple math (Score 1) 245

your ability to use the input of your choosing,

This isn't a console problem specifically. That's a nintendo/microsoft/3rd party dev problem. Ps2, Ps3 and Ps4 all support standard devices over USB should the developers so choose.

Oh no, the problem is much worse than you think. All Xbox consoles have USB; you only need an adaptor cable for the original Xbox, and both successors have USB ports — hell, the xbone has USB3. The Wii and its successor both have USB. And yet none of these consoles let you use non-proprietary USB input devices, at least not without substantial trickery. Keyboards are the exception, of course, but you can't play most games with them.

You dismiss several other problems with console gaming as being a problem with specific companies, but it does not matter whose fault it is. The issues are real issues either way.

mod support,

That's a feature on consoles. Games should be able to stand on their own.

That is not a feature. Also, some console games can be modded, but it's a massive pain in the ass. People still do it. Because it's a massive PITA it's not really a valid platform feature, but because people still do it it's clearly a desired one.

So far, you are batting zero.

Graphical fidelity isn't bad to begin with on consoles.

Compared to PCs, it is very poor. This makes a massive difference for some types of game.

Also, at what cost? Fiddly drivers, OSes and other things to futz around with?

Here's your valid point. This is the only benefit to console gaming. But may I remind you of the RROD, and other massive console failures?

Not to mention to power all of that means I need some big noisy video card and CPU or fiddle around with low noise cooling solutions. Generally, not my idea of fun.

Game consoles not made by Nintendo are now noisy as fuck and easily cook themselves.

true multitasking

Again, that's not feature. Seriously, not having to deal with other processes running in the background? Feature.

Because you don't use it, it's not a feature. You are self-centered. Try thinking about other people for more than two seconds and you can leave an insightful comment, too.

more exclusives

Any worth playing? Any worth making the absolute remark that PC gaming is superior? Should I trash my PS3 because I can't play Papers Please on it?

Exclusives are commonly used as a reason why consoles are good. But there are more of them on the PC; indeed, there are more PC games that won't run on consoles than there are games for any games console.

friendlier for indie development,

Sure, but, again, like point above, should I completely ignore other gaming outlets over this?

Logical fallacy, moving the goalposts. It's which is superior, not whether you have to eschew all other gaming.

I'm not discounting the PC as a gaming platform where fun games can exist, but *superior*? You PC gaming people are nuts.

Console gaming is typically superior for just sitting down and playing. PC Gaming is superior in literally every other way. You have only one valid argument, and tried to somehow transform it into an entire debate with logical fallacies and self-centered thinking. Consoles used to have simplicity and reliability but now games get massive updates and games choke, crash and hang all the goddamned time, because consoles are just PCs with fancy memory architectures with all of the complexity that entails.

Comment Re:I'm really excited to play this, because... (Score 1) 89

Last time I touched the VMware Player, full screen mode wasn't supported. Ditto VirtualBox.

I am not aware of a time when vmware player didn't have full screen support. I have been using it for years. Virtualbox, on the other hand, is an unremitting piece of shit. It also has full screen mode, but the d3d passthrough never works. It always crashes something, usually the VM.

Comment Re:Simple math (Score 1) 245

I thought you ran Linux and thusly ran nVidia?

I finally got ahold of another Win7 license (lost the code I got from IEEE PC club some time ago, sadly) so now I am dual-booting again, so that I can play some windows games. Even ones that I did have working under wine or vmware work better on the real machine, faster and less crashy. But I'm still running Linux some of the time, and ATI still fucking sucks. I have a Windows-only machine with integrated ATI graphics to my left. If I try to use them, the system always bluescreens. Had to install an nVidia card.

Comment Re:Produced by Team Fail (Score 1) 89

They have a console-friendly Civ already though, it's called Civ Revolutions. I actually think it's quite good for a quick game, though it lacks any kind of depth at all. But who wants to play a complex simulator with a gamepad? Hopefully the plan is to develop both lines further. It would be cool if Civ Rev Sequel would have more complexity under the hood, but I'd never want to actually be exposed to it. That's what a PC is for. On the other hand, Microsoft wants the Xbox One to be more PC-like, so perhaps it would make sense to have a bi-modal game (ala moo2, see sibling, I guess. Never was a moo fan.)

Comment Re:Paid for with the public's money (Score 1) 322

Shouldn't that result in the patches being released for anyone to use?

Arguably, there oughta be a consumer protection law stating that any and all tested security patches delivered to any customer are freely redistributable. Not requiring their distribution, nor their support, nor a source release. Simply that if a patch has been packaged, those who paid for the OS may redistribute them. This would fix this whole nasty problem with Oracle and Sun, for example, and save many machines from landfills.

Comment Re:Caution (Score 1) 117

After all, I've gotten pretty used to putting a device "to sleep" and "waking it up" instantly.

This is a UI issue. Mobile devices can simply turn off the display before they've actually entered sleep mode. How would you know? Your PC could do the same thing, but there would be fans running and lights flashing, so you'd be aware that it was trying to trick you.

Comment Re:The most useful "skill" in a postapocalyptic wo (Score 1) 737

Your car will still run at the very least as long as there is gas in it. You might not get to refill at the next gas station, but there's still gas in your tank!

All the gasoline will be shitty within a year and worthless within three.

The diesel will be shitty in about three years and worthless within, say, ten.

How long do you think it will take after a major upset to get refineries going again?

And while you might not know how to build new firearms, there's still plenty of them around along with ammo for them, so there's no need to rely on the ancient art of war. By the time you need this, chances are that YOU won't need it anymore.

The ammo will keep a hell of a lot better than the fuel.

You know, once a car battery has been run down, it is permanently damaged... Which usually only takes a few months. Sometimes you get lucky and a car starts after years, but rarely any of these fancy new computerized whatchamajiggers.

So the most apt "profession" to even GET to that 50% phase is, oddly, bums.

The people who are going to do the best are those who figure out how to mob up without falling apart due to internal power struggles. Ironically, your first point is probably the most incorrect. People will recentralize.

Comment Re:Some of the oldest trades become useful. (Score 1) 737

What? There are no chemical supply companies anywhere? Well, then I will just go wandering in the forest and pick saltpeter and sulphur there, just like it works in MMORPGs, and reality is just like games. At the same time I'll also pick up the health packages just to be sure. Nothing can go wrong with that plan.

If you can find a local geologist who didn't die, they can probably tell you where to get the goods. Or just someone with a wikireader. I could tell you where to get sulfur coming right out of the ground in Lake County, CA. I haven't been to sulfur springs yet, but I know of some in the hills to the north.

Niter is harder. But again, ask a geologist.

It takes a lot of people to build a society.

On the other hand, lots of Americans are stockpiling ammo. A simple house-to-house search, even if only say 5% of homes remain, is likely to turn up ammunition. So the big question is, what kind of apocalypse are we talking about? Firestorm, or a sudden outbreak of virulent disease?

Comment Re:If you can learn to put a beer down while drivi (Score 1) 184

Tailgate? Flash lights at people? Drive like a moron in any way and they'll be down on you like a ton of bricks.

Isn't flash-to-pass what they do in every civilized nation? If you're flashing someone in the passing lane in Germany, aren't they the ones at risk of the ton of bricks approach? Unlike the USA, where the cops will pull up behind someone in the fast lane, sit behind them for ages, then go ahead and pass them on the right and just drive on without ticketing the fucks?

Comment Re:Human Nature? (Score 2) 184

not this stupid argument again.

Thanks for making help slashdot grate.

the passengers have a vested interest in not distracting the driver. and in general, they don't.

Bullshit. They usually do distract the driver, because they're not in tune with driving. When you stop talking to concentrate on driving for a couple of seconds, your passenger is highly likely to say something else to see if you heard them, because people are self-important.

and they also tend to be looking around, and are likely to alert the driver when they notice a pedestrian in front of the car, or the car is drifting onto the shoulder or into the car in the next lane.

Also bullshit. They tend to distract the driver with bullshit concerns about drifting into the car in the next lane while the driver is moving over next to the line to avoid some jackass who's drifting over the line on the other side. The passenger doesn't have to be in tune with what the cars around them are doing, so they almost never are. The driver does have to. I know what some of the drivers around me are thinking about doing because I'm concentrating so hard on what is happening around me, and have a massive corpus of information on what cars will do next based on what they're doing now stored in my head — and I'm not focused on anything else. Because that car drifted a little left while the driver looked that way, I know they're thinking about merging, and I'm already plotting out an alternate route around them (because as usual, I am passing) before my passenger even knows that there's a potential issue.

you can tell that it's happening when you are in the car, and you can't over the phone [or you just don't care].

You could, if you were concentrating as hard on driving as the driver is. But you aren't.

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