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Comment Re:Atheism is a self esteem issue (Score 1) 1293

I have every ounce of respect for Agnostics. Atheists in most cases are people with self-esteem issues.

I agree that atheism is in general a somewhat religious position, but I disagree that it's generally a self-esteem issue; or at least, that it's any more of one than religion itself. Religions teach that believers are special, after all. Atheism, on the other hand, teaches that none of us is inherently more special than any of the rest of us, at least for reasons of spiritual association.

I am personally an agnostic, so naturally I want to agree with you, but I believe the situation is a bit more complex than you make it out to be. There's reasonably good evidence that gods are in fact not influencing us in various ways that they've been said to do before. Ongoing absence of evidence is evidence of absence, it's just not proof.

Atheism is also a fairly rational response to persecution by theists. People who are religious or pay lip service to religion have been the majority for much of recorded history, and they have often oppressed those who do not claim to share their beliefs, and even some who do. In the absence of evidence of validity of religion, it is rational to disagree with it.

Ultimately, I do feel that most of the followers of YHWH are foolish and even more of them are broadly ignorant. I don't know that I'm smarter than those people, but I'm probably much more used to engaging in critical thinking. I've literally overheard people say that giraffes disprove evolution. Some people are so married to their narrow worldview that they'll snatch at anything to avoid admitting that they're crazy. They might have a perfectly fine mind, but they're not actually using it. These are the dangerous people, because they will support anything you can whip them into a froth over.

Comment Re:Sure (Score 1) 396

I went one step further and installed the "Install" disc to the hard drive and the "Play" disc to the fastest USB drive I have, so the game can still load from two locations at the same time. That way, the DVD drive isn't roaring constantly and it cuts down on wear and tear of moving parts. There's still the occasional bit of pop-in, but never any geometry, just the rare odd texture here and there.

Yes, I have also read about this elsewhere. I will install the play disc to a 16GB OCZ Rally2, which is probably not the fastest thing around any more, but which is pretty damned fast. I bought my 360 used and when the optical drive failed I found that it had already been turned up, so I had to replace it. Luckily I know my way around a soldering iron, apparently unlike the prior owner, so I replaced the drive mechanism and kept the original controller board; the standard fix to avoid having to pull the AACS key out of the drive. I'm in no hurry to do that again, so I religiously install before playing so that I only need to read discs once, and at a reasonable speed.

Comment Re:More importantly (Score 4, Insightful) 1293

Sex is for procreation not recreation! Sinner!

Sex is to quiet those voices... the voices that keep telling me to ...
Wait, nevermind.

If you get a book and a funny hat and a bunch of people standing behind you cheering you on, you can do whatever the voices tell you to do, and even tell people about the voices.

Comment Re:Faith and evolution ARE compatible (Score 1) 1293

In fact, even the idea that humans evolved from goo is not ultimately incompatible with faith in God or in intelligent design. This is because the point of ID/Creationism is not how God created, but that God created.

Wrong. I mean, for some people that's true, but some people are married to the idea that God created all that we know in six 24-hour periods 6,000 years ago. Anything that conflicts with this theory must be a lie or a mistake. You actually recognize this fact below in your comment, but you need to understand that the idea that humans evolved from goo is ultimately incompatible with these people's faith in God and intelligent design. And there are still more people who are partial literalists, who believe that God made man out of clay and breathed life into him, but that evolution is still part of God's creation, and while it might be working on us now, it's not where we came from.

ObDisclaimer: I believe I'll have a beer later today, but little else

Comment Re:Nah, it's just pure stubbornness (Score 1) 1293

I think the first step is to introduce the concept of an evolving world with a nod to possibly being part of "God's Plan"; a salesman won't get his foot in the door by opening with an insult.

Rationalizing their belief system is the job of the religious. The rest of us deal in facts. If your belief system is incompatible with the facts, you will suffer for it. The problem comes when these people then blame the people who pointed out the faults in their religion for their problems. Anyone who takes the bible completely literally is, however, clinically insane. Anyone who can't grasp that a "day" to us is defined by something that didn't exist when YHWH was allegedly spending his first "days" on creation of the known universe and that therefore means that the book is going to require some interpretation is gonna have a bad time. It's only unfortunate that in their fear, pain and anger they lash out at the rest of us.

Comment Re:What can the US do? (Score 1) 177

Yep. We have AT&T landline POTS. We have only the choice of ComCast for ISP. We're 500 feet too far for AT&T DSL (yep, our neighbors down the hill 480' closer to the AT&T box have DSL) and have been for 9 years. AT&T won't do whatever's needed to get us and ~ 300 other households as possible customers. Everybody's monetizing, nobody's investing in infrastructure.

You think you have it bad? The ISPs in my town are a lousy WISP, Mediacom, and ATT. Both ATT and Mediacom are within a stone's throw of my home but neither one comes here. I pay $50/mo for 1.5Mbps, and it's not even reliable.

Comment Re:NSA aint helping either (Score 1) 177

That's like saying the only guaranteed secure encryption is OTP... Perhaps true but pointless and useless in the real world.

There's no reason whatsoever that our bank cards couldn't have one-time pads stored in the smart card portion. Someone could be in charge of distributing OTPs to both ends of a connection securely, perhaps via mail. I think if you could reduce it to small payments, a lot of people would use a service like this to communicate securely with specific endpoints, but using it to secure bank transactions seems like the obvious first step given the ubiquity of smart cards. I suppose SIM cards could do the same, but who would trust the telcos anyway?

Comment Re:Infrastructure pretty much requires the gov't (Score 1) 177

Corporations ARE the government. Sure they are owned by individual investors, but their charter is granted by the government, and they are endowed with super-human liability powers that would make this arrangement otherwise impossible. The government can change the rules that they operate under on a whim.

And the rules are bought and paid for by the corporations. Which means that the corporations own the government.

Comment Re:I disagree. (Score 2) 1293

Well, maybe some Christians believe that people wouldn't know murder is bad apart from the Bible, but traditionally Christianity teaches otherwise, via the concept of "general revelation". It's clear in the New Testament (e.g. Romans 2:15).


They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.)

Romans 2:15, NIV

What? Oh yeah, that's clear as mud. Romans 2:13 says "For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God's sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous." so that's pretty clear, obey the law. But which law? Romans 2:9 says "There will be trouble and distress for every human being who does evil: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile;" but that doesn't say anything about laws of man. This is a general passage about following the will of god, and that makes it seem obvious that this refers not to the laws of man, but those of god; his ten commandments.

The ten commandments do not say not to kill. They say not to commit murder. Killin's perfectly OK when proscribed by god. The bible is full of god telling a few people to go kill a whole bunch of people.

Comment Re:It deserves every sale it gets (Score 1) 396

For the record i have GTA III, GTA:VC, and GTA:SA, know how many of those I finished? NONE

Nobody ever taught you to finish what you start?

GTA games always end up feeling like a slog once you get a little passed the halfway point.

I had that experience with Vice City. One out of the series ain't bad. I think San Andreas is probably one of the ten best video games ever produced.

For the record the only sandbox games i had enough of a fun time playing the missions to complete were Just Cause II and Saints Row games

Maybe it's just not your genre. Personally, I am not really drawn to the Genre, but I do find GTA compelling. Especially since San Andreas, which again I believe to be a masterpiece for a number of reasons both subjective and not. I won't be insulted if you disagree, though.

Comment Re:Gah-bage! (Score 1) 396

Pacman is boring and repetative. I was tired of it 20 years ago, and even the nostalgia of playing it on a full-sized console wears off after feeding it quarters. It's boring. Ladybug was cool though.

Speaking as someone who formerly owned a Ladybug cocktail cab, you're just name dropping. Ladybug was cool, but it wasn't so much cooler than Pacman that you can really throw rocks at Pacman if you're playing Ladybug.

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