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Comment Re:WUWT (Score 1) 441

Yeah, no kidding. Clearly these knobs have a more accurate study they're quoting, right? They couldn't just be saying, "Yeah, sure, it's never that windy around me" and trying to pass that off as skeptical insight?

Oh wait, that's exactly what they're doing. Clearly these idiots have never been to the Columbia river gorge where this real study was done and the wind blows nearly constantly. What a bunch of morons.

Comment Re:Best Lawsuit Ever. (Score 1) 120

I understand quite well that with bitcoin you're competing to complete a proof of work for a block before anyone else, and there is no guarantee, there is no prize for second place, you have no way to accurately gauge who you're competing against, and the prize itself has a volatile value. Clearly our definitions of "speculation" differ wildly.

So yes, just like a coin toss is governed by forces that can be modeled mathematically but are so ridiculously complicated that there's no practical way to do it in the ascribed time period, so is bitcoin mining.

If it were a sure bet that could be counted on to produce, then the mining machine producers would be idiots to sell the equipment they produce in lieu of firing them up and mining themselves

Comment Re:Best Lawsuit Ever. (Score 1) 120

It's speculation because it is possible to spend outrageous amounts of money on equipment and there is no guarantee that you'll see any return. There is no payout for "best effort". It's not like a job where you turn on the machine and you get paid for the number of hours that the machine runs. It's a race in which you have no way of accurately knowing who you're racing against.

Comment Re:Used games (Score 1) 227

Yep. And with this system you could use your games on any machine you were signed in on. And you'd be able to trade games to your friends so that they could play them when you weren't. But people read the headlines and didn't read the articles and now we have two piles of crap that are warmed over last gen consoles.

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score -1, Flamebait) 227

You should learn how to read. There was never a "no selling of used games policy" and there was never an "always-on internet requirement". The Xbox One would check in with servers once a day to verify software licenses. If you wanted to sell used games, you'd have to use a mechanism to de-list the game from your Xbox One to make that license available for the person who bought it.

If read past the headlines you'd know this. I can't blame you for being confused, having never read the actual articles.

Comment Re:It was stupid, so fine him, but 50k is excessiv (Score 1) 427

You can't only jam cell phones of people in cars. He was jamming everyone, regardless of whether or not they were driving, on the side of the road, two streets down, in their apartment. Clearly he had a powerful enough jammer that they were able to triangulate his position based on it's emissions. This is not some pocket version that only worked for a few meters around his vehicle.

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