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Comment Re: XBOX? (Score 2) 616

By Microsoft limiting these devices to signed apps from their store, RT is severely hobbled. It's as if MS doesn't want them to succeed. I'd have to assume that the profit margin on the Pro's is much higher, and that's why they won't open up development. If they'd just allowed unsigned apps, I could see RT devices taking off.

I think they're still counting on businesses to embrace RT for corporate use, and that's why they're keeping them restricted.

Comment Re:Out of Body? (Score 3, Interesting) 351

I heard the same story, but everyone he asked could describe the poster in detail. And I heard he had a number written on top of one of the machines, and that was visible as well...

Or maybe I didn't, I don't rightly remember.

One this is for sure. I sincerely doubt there would be a poster of any sort permanently affixed in a sterile room.

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