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Comment Re:Debugging that... (Score 2) 289

You know, it might just be that those people that took 4 hours just aren't good at running wires. It might not have had anything to do at all with the fact that they were black or women.

The fact that you assert that there is a causal link with no evidence pretty much defines you as a racist misogynist. Did you have access to those particular students SAT scores? Have you assessed their high school transcripts? Did you compare their performance with any other students performance, other than your own? Sounds like a flawed observation to me.

Comment Ruggedization has more to do with internals (Score 2) 57

Making a ruggedized product has more to do with component selection and layout than it does with a tougher case. Failures happen when components become dislodged from the mobo's, not when the case cracks. In fact, the case cracking could be helping the computer/device because it's going to use energy that otherwise might go towards prying components off their pads.

A ruggedized computer is not simply the same as a non-rugged version crammed into a heavier case. A waterproof and dustproof version is, though.

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