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Comment yawn (Score 1) 641

There has always been a free and premium jdk from oracle.

We don't have enough information in this announcement about the difference between free and premium in technology, performance or price.

This announcement is much less important to java enterprises than it is to java detractors.

Comment be an active user (Score 1) 283

help specify requirements. discuss feature with project members. document existing features. teach your peers how to use it. evaluate multiple packages and blog. blog about these type of tools in general. show in your blog how to resolve common problems in the math knowledge domain with these tools.

I still haven't even had my coffee this morning.

Comment Silly and a waste of time (Score 1) 390

All employment is at the favor of the employer. If you check your employment contract, you'll likely find that the employer can discharge you for no reason at any time. You're gone.

Lets say you can prove you did not register the domain. You're still gone.

Lets say you can get your lawyer to convince your lawyer that it is the employer's burden to prove you did it. You're still gone.

Lets say your employer gets proof you did not do it. You're still gone.


Submission + - Hooked on Gadgets, and Paying a Mental Price (

Zecheus writes: In the New York Times: 'Scientists say juggling e-mail, phone calls and other incoming information can change how people think and behave. They say our ability to focus is being undermined by bursts of information.' This is why slashdot readers infamously fail to RFA.

Submission + - US Justice investigates IT hiring practices (

Zecheus writes: The Wall Street Journal (no paywall on this story) reports that the Justice Department is 'stepping up' an investigation of hiring practices of US technology firms, such as Google, Intel, IBM, and Apple. From the article: "The inquiry is focused on whether companies, particularly in the technology sector, have agreed not to recruit each others' employees in ways that violate antitrust law. Specifically, the probe is looking into whether the companies' hiring practices are costing skilled computer engineers and other workers opportunities to change jobs for higher pay or better benefits."

Comment silly (Score 1) 447

A business owner owns the domain knowledge: the business domain, e.g. process model, business concepts. Its unlikely the ownership would give these to a software contractor.

Also, a software contractor merely plays a part in the social process. Claiming ownership of any component of that process, I'd say, is antisocial.

Comment Re:My own two cents' worth (Score 1) 599

A developer who picked up java ejb in 2000 at the age of 30 is now 40. How would your two cents count for this colleague?

There is an assumption that people over 40 are programming only mainframes. This is false.

I'm short of 50 by three years. I never wrote a stitch of cobol. 25 years ago I fixed on unix, data communications and C. Today, its linux, data communications and Java (not really a big jump).

To les infants: settle on a core technology for your career and be careful about investing too much in a knowledge domain that has a short shelf-life. If you have trouble deciding, remember the adage about entering the restaurant business: People will always have to eat.

Salutations from the Assisted Programming Home.

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