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GNU is Not Unix

New LLVM Debugger Subproject Already Faster Than GDB 174

kthreadd writes "The LLVM project is now working on a debugger called LLDB that's already faster than GDB and could be a possible alternative in the future for C, C++, and Objective-C developers. With the ongoing success of Clang and other LLVM subprojects, are the days of GNU as the mainstream free and open development toolchain passé?" LLVM stands for Low Level Virtual Machine; Wikipedia as usual has a good explanation of the parent project.

Simulation of Close Asteroid Fly-By 148

c0mpliant writes "NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have released a simulation of the path of an asteroid, named Apophis, that will come very close to Earth in 2029 — the closest predicted approach since humans have monitored for such heavenly bodies. The asteroid caused a bit of a scare when astronomers first announced that it would enter Earth's neighborhood some time in the future. However, since that announcement in 2004, more recent calculations have put the odds of collision at 1 in 250,000."

Comment Unneccessary Obfuscation (Score 0) 475

Burning the skin of a grapefruit with a laser may be ok, but here are some questions:

1) With the laser burns, it may be possible to cover up blemishes or signs of mold or rot on the skin of a fruit.

2) What happens with apples, potatoes, carrots, pears, and other fruits and vegetables where its good to eat the skin? I don't want some artificial chemical imprinted into the skins that I would normally eat.

I always know a label is there, I know to take it off. For fruits and vegetables with skins that are supposed to removed, the label is not a problem because I peel off the skin.

So this technology does not really solve anything, and it becomes an inconvenience.

Comment Competitiveness/ Real training (Score 1) 834

I have a master's degree in computer science.

I believe that it depends on how strong and detailed your undergraduate experience is. The coursework for a master's degree provides one with a very good education, with deep knowledge in specific topics. Many undergrad programs just scratch the surface.

In the computer science field, many employers would rather outsource than hire an entry level graduate. A master's degree and the knowledge that comes with helps you out against the competition.

Comment Amusing (Score 1) 492

This text

"He says 'if your reaction to this crate of magic is "Hm. I wonder how we'd go about suing someone who 'did this' with our IP?" instead of, "Holy crap, clearly, this is the freaking future of entertainment," it's probably time to put some ramen on your Visa and start making stuff up for your LinkedIn page."

is actually more amusing than the underlying article.

Comment Goodbye (Score 1) 1


Circuit City had the worst customer service of any the electronic stores.

Even when you got help they were idiots. I won't shed a tear for them, especially
when their competitors do a better job.

I am just waiting for the liquidation sale.

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