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Comment Cartoon Cars? (Score 1) 148

Many cartoons over the years have made jokes about people adding completely ridiculous things to their cars in the name of convenience. They usually end up in a hilarious, hubris-fueled accidents. Unfortunately, it's turning out to be a lot more prophetic and a lot less hilarious than anyone wants to admit.

Comment Re:Sounds like Tim Cook can become even richer (Score 1) 711

Yeah, but he can use the same excuses that all other psychics use:

a. "I don't need the money." - He certainly doesn't.
b. "It isn't worth my time." - If you calculate his hourly rate, it probably isn't.
c. "It's not about the money." - Well... okay. He can't use this one.
d. "I don't need to prove my gift to anyone. You just have to have faith." - Faith, and AAPL stock.

Comment Re:White Moto X (Score 1) 711

... why would they do that?

That sounds like a really good way to lose the sale entirely. I've worked in electronics retail just enough to know that people who can't be bothered to research things like "names of products" don't want to be corrected. The sale is far more likely to happen if you make an educated guess as to what they want and let them tell you if it's not what they wanted.

Comment Greaaaat... (Score 1) 583

Sounds wonderful until it decides that the fastest route is through the bad area of town.
Or it decides that an address is about two miles away from where it actually is.
Or the road washed out and the car can work out that it can't go that way but can't route around it since the map says it should work.
Or it takes me to the foot of a two mile long driveway and stops.

All things that have happened to me with GPS navigation. Not saying we need pedals and a steering wheels to solve those problems, but they are a really good solution to those problems.

Comment Re:Duh! (Score 1) 293

Yeah, pretty much this.

I could go through a laundry-list of problems I have with every OS I currently use (Ubuntu 12.04 & 14.04, Windows 7, FreeBSD 9 & 10, several builds of OpenEmbedded) and what I did to fix them or work round them, but that wouldn't be particularly productive unless this happened to be the mailing list for those projects.

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