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Comment Re:Lame. (Score 1) 233

You can override this manually, but why would anyone do that for other purposes than debugging...?

Because their user-agent sniffing doesn't work well for more obscure browsers. I'm using Camino, a lightweight gecko-based browser for OS X, and the demo page defaults to Flash, when it actually runs better with the native SVG option.

Comment Re:Know your Cardinals (Score 1) 520

Heh, I can see how that would really mess your cardinals up. Most cities are tilted slightly one way or the other... but that's almost dead 45 degrees.

One solution would be to try to adopt a consistent left-handed or right-handed preference for labeling which direction is what-e.g., a left handed preference means NW is N, NE is E, etc. Of course, you'd have to get everyone else to use it, too...

Highways never make sense on a local scale, since they always twist around to accommodate cities. You kind of have to keep a large-scale picture in your head to work out which local directions correspond to the labels.

Comment The AP Has No Clue What They're Doing (Score 4, Insightful) 138

So, if you can't be bothered to RTFA, the AP obviously has no idea what they're talking about. Some snake oil salesman came along and told them that Microformats are magic digital beans that will protect their content with some sort of "tracking beacon" that will phone home and prevent infringement.

This is so cluelessly ridiculous that I can't decide if it's hilarious or just sad.

Comment Re:For those w/o Windows - video (Score 1) 255

Why would they use an external visualization library? Since the sound is encoded in executable (using a format similar to MIDI), it would be trivial to sync the contrails with those notes in code. Furthermore, there's no way that WMP is good enough to pick out individual notes from a raw audio feed like that. There are a lot of smart people working on audio rhythm/beat analysis, and nobody's produced anything nearly that good. Hell, nothing's that good even when the audio file is available, so the analysis doesn't have to be done in real time and can take multiple passes.

The contrails appear to be a simple shader effect. There's no need to use texture maps for something like that.

Comment Horrible UI (Score 1) 145

The UI gestures on this thing are terrible. They're not at all obvious. I don't imaging anyone will be able to figure out how to bring up, say, text entry without being told. It's also unclear how some of the gestures (such as the upward swipe) are distinguished from scrolling. Just stick an address bar and a few buttons in there, it'll make all of your user's lives easier. There's definitely room. Sacrificing usability for a "full-screen-web" aesthetic isn't a good idea.

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