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Comment Re:Yeah, sure (Score 1) 320

ILDasm.exe and get the IL for your viewing pleasure. Utilize shared extensions and enhance any type you feel needs "opt-inable" improving. The only thing you're pseudo-kept out of is the VES, but nothing's telling/restricting you from creating your own runtime hosts. It's what I'd consider client-cloned open source. Do what you want, extend as you need but ultimately the direction and decision for global enhancements is left with a heavily vested company instead of a users community.

Comment Re:Have they played the mission? (Score 1) 548

I too have played this mission, and while I agree with your statement - saying "dozens" is a little bit of a misnomer. There were many more than a few dozen. Not having read forums or seen clips before playing; I had expected maybe a hostage situation with you partaking in the executions... But this is more on par with "State of Emergeny"'s level of casualties. Granted no where near as graphic, but the volume is there. I'm not complaining or saying I was offended in anyway. Nor am I taking a stance with Russia in banning this. I'm just saying you can't battle misinformation with misinformation.

Submission + - $9 million ATM hacking ring busted ( 1

Trailrunner7 writes: U.S. and international prosecutors have taken down a criminal ring that they allege was responsible for an ATM scam last year that stole about $9 million from RBS WorldPay. The criminals were able to evade the company's encryption system used on payroll debit cards and withdraw money from ATMs in 280 cities around the world. A federal grand jury in Atlanta has indicted eight men in connection with the scheme, including five Estonians, one Russian, one Moldovan and one unidentified man. Prosecutors allege that the men "used sophisticated hacking techniques" to defeat the company's encryption system. The scam, which hit RBS WorldPay last November, involved an elaborate plan in which the attackers first bypassed the encryption on the debit cards, which RBS WorldPay issues to customers for employee payroll purposes. They then raised the limits on the accounts attached to the cards.
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Submission + - Judge rules TorrentSpy destroyed evidence ( 2

Come play kdice writes: "A federal judge has handed the MPAA a resounding victory in its copyright infringement lawsuit against TorrentSpy. Judge Florence-Marie Cooper entered a default judgment against Justin Bunnell and the rest of named defendants in Columbia Pictures et al. v. Justin Bunnell et al. after finding that TorrentSpy "engaged in widespread and systematic efforts to destroy evidence" and lying under oath about said destruction. After being sued, TorrentSpy mounted a vigorous defense, including a countersuit it filed against the MPAA in May 2006, but, behind the scenes, the court documents paint a picture of a company desperately trying to bury any and all incriminating evidence. TorrentSpy has announced its intention to appeal, but its conduct makes a reversal unlikely."
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Submission + - RIAA protests Oregon AG discovery request ( 2

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The RIAA is apparently having an allergic reaction to the request by the State Attorney General of Oregon for information about the RIAA's investigative tactics, in Arista v. Does 1-17, the Portland, Oregon, case targeting students at the University of Oregon. See The Oregonian, December 1, 2007 ("UO suspects music industry of spying") and p2pnet, November 29, 2007 ("RIAA may be spying on students: Oregon AG"). Not only are the record companies opposing the request (pdf), they're asking the Judge not to even read it. (pdf)"
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Submission + - Time Warner 'traffic shapes' (

jomammy writes: "It seems that Time Warner has decided to implement 'Packet Shaping' for it's Road Runner broadband service, which has essentially blocked most server ports used by IRCDIG.COM for daily operation. Main one being of course HTTP port 80. They do this in an attempt to force people to pay more for certain packages that will unblock these ports. These packages have the same speed capabilities and same crappy service as the normal ones, they are just not 'shaped'."

Looks like Time Warner's questionable tactics have hit an ever increasingly popular irc search engine. I am surprised to learn that this site was hosted on a residential cable line. Will net neutrality ever be a reality in the states?


Submission + - Ask.Com allows erasure, but what about backups? (

JohnMurtari writes: "People seemed impressed when Ask.Com decided to allow users to delete their search history from their servers. I've seen articles which called this a great step forward for online privacy and a good marketing strategy for Ask.Com. I have just one question: "I assume Ask.Com has backup data, probably on magnetic tape and probably in remote locations for disaster recovery purposes. When does that get deleted?" Protection from government snooping — what about the backups?"

Online Sex Offender Database Leads To Murder? 1001

nem75 writes "The LA Times reports on the story of Michael A. Dodele, a convicted rapist, found murdered in a Lakeport trailer park. He moved there after having been released from prison just 35 days before. A 29-year-old construction worker has been arrested in the attack, and explained that he killed Dodele to protect his son from child molestation. He found out on the internet about Dodele being a sex offender, via the 'Megan's Law' database. The public entry for Dodele in the database was wrong — though he was found guilty of committing crimes against adult women he was not a child molester. Dodele's entry in Megan's Law DB has been removed." Update: 12/11 15:51 GMT by Z : Moved link to non-reg article.
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Submission + - Rockstar win BBFC appeal

boot1973 writes: "Rockstar have won an appeal which forces the BBFC to look again at the ban that it issued against Manhunt 2 the BBC reports
Developers Rockstar contested the ban at the Video Appeals Committee, which ruled in the firm's favour. The game could now go on sale, if the BBFC, which is "considering the judgement", takes no further action. In a statement, Rockstar said: "We are committed to making great interactive entertainment, while also marketing our products responsibly and supporting an effective rating system. "
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Submission + - Ken Kutaragi to receive Lifetime Achievement Award (

Wowzer writes: The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS), has named Honorary Chairman and former President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Ken Kutaragi, the recipient of the coveted 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award. From the article: 'Recognized internationally as the Father of PlayStation, Kutaragi will be honored for revolutionizing the global in-home entertainment market with the creation and monstrous success of the PlayStation computer entertainment systems. The original PlayStation which was launched in 1994 and the PlayStation 2 which launched in 2000 went on to become the most popular gaming system of the era, resulting in combined shipments of more than 230 million units worldwide.'

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