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Comment The abstract.. (Score 2) 115

The abstract is a heck of a lot more clear than the description posted:

"We report a similarity between the microscopic parameter dependance of emergent theories in physics and that of multiparameter models common in other areas of science. In both cases, predictions are possible despite large uncertainties in the microscopic parameters because these details are compressed into just a few governing parameters that are sufficient to describe relevant observables. We make this commonality explicit by examining parameter sensitivity in a hopping model of diffusion and a generalized Ising model of ferromagnetism. We trace the emergence of a smaller effective model to the development of a hierarchy of parameter importance quantified by the eigenvalues of the Fisher Information Matrix. Strikingly, the same hierarchy appears ubiquitously in models taken from diverse areas of science. We conclude that the emergence of effective continuum and universal theories in physics is due to the same parameter space hierarchy that underlies predictive modeling in other areas of science."

Comment Re:I wonder.. (Score 1) 358

It's my phone. I play the techy god at work all day. I'm not going to arse around flashing a computer I didn't design myself.

The evidence point to SW, maybe interacting with HW, but if 4.2 doesn't break, a SW workaround is obviously possible. People who've downgraded made this problem go away.

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