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Comment So don't make the H1-B such a pain (Score 1) 201

First there was the green card
Then it got slow, bloated and hard to get.
So they invented the H1-B which was quick and easy.
Then it got slow, bloated and hard to get.
So they invented the guest worker pass

Just fix the green card and the others are unnecessary. If someone is a net benefit to the country, there's no reason to limit their stay.

The US government provided the visas and the visa rules to Infosys. It looks to me that they took the hint. The US does not look like it 'wants' people on H1s or Green cards because it makes it a stupidly slow, expensive and complex process to get them. The message they send by making the B1 relatively easier to get is - "Get a B1, we want to you get a B1, not those other visas".

Comment Re:Unfortunately... (Score 1) 144

Nothing is wrong with the HTML5 audio tag.
What I hate it the PERLesque - There's more than one way to do it. You know there will be 15 billion ugly, unreadable javascript hacks the the API interface where the HTML interface would have been just fine, as with all other areas of overlap between HTML and javascript.

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