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Comment Re:Console users are retards (Score 1) 368

I must be a retard then because I bought several consoles. Mom bought be an NES, loved it. Bought a SNES, loved it more. Got a N64 for christmas, loved it. Bought an Xbox, loved it. Bought an Xbox360. They ALL still work, more than I can say about the computers I've owned over the last 2 decades. Xbox 360 burned a few disks, and 1 HD broke. Aside from that, a console is a bare bones dedicated system that doesn't need to be upgraded, and there is no need to check hardware requirements before buying a new game. It says Xbox, it'll work. Not going to mod my games...ever. For the same reason I quit playing WOW, picking flowers and skinning, and doing errands for NPCs(quests) quickly started to feel like work. FF8 was too grind intensive for me. As far as PC custonization goes, you can improve your performance, but on console it provides for a more even playing field. I don't have to listen to anyone whine about how they're lagging or their computer keeps locking up when we play on splitscreen. My buddy can say "hey, lets play CoD" and I can just log into my name from his console, because an extra controller is cheap and it's game on. I also usually buy most of my games a year late, because I'm che--- letting everyone practice and get up to my level. I do have fun on PC games, but I do enough damage with basic understanding of game mechanics and just reading the descriptions provided. I was a champion kite tank on my warlock a while back. I used to run the tank out of the party, then drag the party kicking and screaming through the rest of the dungeon. Their is so much PC customization, but some of those same people refuse to accept anything but the blizzard recipe of 1 tank 1 healer 3 dps. Long story short, I hand my kids a controller, they play and leave me alone. But I'm constantly being called to *fix* my 10 yr olds linux box and my wife's win7 laptop. I like to be able to say, I'll fix it later, go play xbox. Angry birds isn't going to replace any of that, now I just carry my phone instead of lugging around my gameboy...that I haven't used in years anyway....nevermind.

Comment Re:Doctors have been doing this for a few years (Score 1) 104

WRONG! The navy is filled with some of the laziest people you'll ever meet. Everyone in the navy I've known who had a wii just flipped the controller and never actually did any of the swinging that makes it "active". I'm fairly certain they don't even get off their asses to put in a different game. On that note you can't really blame all of them, depending on where they work they may not have the space to move around enough. So unless terrorism involves flicking grenades with a Popsicle stick, there will be no wii training camps.

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