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Comment Javascript *is* a typical attack vector (Score 1, Insightful) 232

Here's the novel part of it: it doesn't involve any of the typical attack vectors we all know and love. Instead, it uses JavaScript ...

Anybody who knows the history of security vulnerabilities in browsers knows that Javascript itself is the all-time-best attack vector. If Javascript is enabled in any browser, that browser can be immediately compromised when you visit a compromised website. There are latent epidemics of Javascript zero-day vulnerabilities in all browsers.

Want much better security in your browser? Just disable Javascript. Learn to dislike Javascript. I have yet to see any website whose information could not be equivalently usefully displayed without any Javascript. Every time Javascript's "interactivity" is celebrated, critical reading dies another death. Don't regret losing all the "interactivity" of Javascript. There are far too many bad developers who write websites that require Javascript. Turn the tide. Reject Javascript for the toxic waste of space that it is.

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