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Comment Re:What the chirp is wrong with people? (Score 4, Insightful) 226

I'll admit that I used to be a regular xkcd reader. I checked out this article as "Time" seemed like it could be interesting. I was wrong. It's the same nonsense that I and others outgrew years ago.

People's interests change over time. They get bored with some things and move on. But trolls like to use the word "outgrew" to try to offend current fans, and particularly immature people view these sorts of continuous, inevitable shifts in interests over time as signs of increasing maturity on their own part, not so much to offend anyone, but as a way of making themselves feel superior. Often then aren't smart enough to realize that's what they're doing.

(Yes, in case it wasn't obvious, the irony is intentional...)

Comment Re:XKCD "experimental comics" (Score 5, Insightful) 226

Incredibly stupid people frequently project the over zealousness of fans onto humble authors. Because, you know, you can tell how big an ego an author has by how much his fans talk about him. If someone says you're really good at what you do, that means you've got a big head, right? Yeah, it almost hurts trying to psychoanalyze that level of stupid...

Comment Re:which is the "real" starfish (Score 2) 76

The original conception was not cars, but the Ship of Theseus.

It's mostly about how we define identity and doesn't really have an answer.

It has an answer, just not one most people are looking for. If you want to know which ship is Theseus' ship, go ask the Athenian Port Authority. Property is a legal concept, and they're the authorities -- they can give you the definitive answer, and can't possibly be wrong, because they determine the right answer by virtue of their authority and what it means for it to be "his" ship.

(Despite what it looks like, this is not actually dodging the question. Rather, it's making a point about it. Property is a "legal fiction", it's an abstraction of a particular sort. Identity is also an abstraction... people are only flustered by the Ship of Theseus if they mistakenly think otherwise.)

Comment Re:which is the "real" starfish (Score 1) 76

Suppose you could cut a starfish into 5 segments, and they could each regenerate the missing 4. Which is the real one?

Huh? They're all real. You don't end up with one real and four imaginary starfish.

How much of a body can one replace before it's a different body?

Your body is different today than it was yesterday. Life is change...

Comment Re:Summary, someone? (Score 1) 1029

It's not like Lord of the Rings, or Game of Thrones, where virtually everyone in the western hemisphere has either read it, or knows someone who has.

You may be a bit too far into the geekosphere. The average Game of Thrones viewer is, at best, vaguely aware of the fact that there's a book or books written by some guy whose name they can't remember that the series is based on, but who cares, it's a great series!

Comment Re:Was there another movie? (Score 1) 1029

Get the scriptwriters of good series (Breaking Bad, Chuck :-) ...) and use them to make movies.

Unless they happen to coincidentally be good movie scriptwriters, that's not a terribly great idea. Giving people 13-26 hours to tell a story allows them to really shine. Tell them they need to squeeze it into 110 minutes, give or take 20, and it's likely to start great, run over, and become incoherent once it's gone through the cutting room. A great novelist is not necessarily a great writer of short stories (which movies are).

Comment Re:or watch the movie? more documents than people (Score 5, Interesting) 166

Yeah, the latter is more likely. In the far future, the start of the information age will be considering the effective start of history. Knowledge of events prior to the 21st century will be considered semi-mythical, due to the fact that they weren't recorded at the time and all we have are essentially second hand accounts recorded in files with timestamps from the 21st or late 20th century at the very earliest. They'll (correctly) consider any "historical" texts of time before that as the theories and opinions on history given by later scholars, whereas from the 21st century forward they'll have actual historical records, rather than speculation.

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