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Comment Re:Apt name... (Score 1) 712

No, no, no. Blue is the basic version. Screen is the new name for Pro.
If you just have Blue then you get a plain blue screen with nothing on it. If you upgrade to Blue Screen then you get a nice border around the blue panel and if you also buy Word then you may get some words representing the error message on that Blue Screen.

Comment Basic Psychology (Score 5, Insightful) 657

The thing is, when they sell to a corporate this doesn't matter. The corporation just creates their own image and drops that on every machine as standard.

The next largest market is not us techies but Joe average. Now yes, they do make money by pre installing this crapware but it also gives them an advantage. On the packaging they can show off that their machine comes preinstalled with this large list of software (highlighting various well known names). Joe average will tend to make his purchasing decision based on which machine has the largest list of features and the biggest numbers (works the same for stereos, TV's, etc). That's why all this tech comes packed with useless features that more often than not reduce the experience and performance. If you want to outsell the competition, sadly, this approach works.

This is why this trend is not going to change anytime soon.

You can win by not taking this approach (and Apple is probably the best example of this) but your product has to be well polished and typically you will be aiming for the upper market who more often than not doesn't fall for these marketing tricks.

Comment Re:Jobs reincarnate? (Score 1) 70

Wouldn't it be funny if he went and started a company (let's say 'After') which implements his ideas for an OS based on a BSD kernel, completely uninhibited by MS bureaucracy. A few years down the track MS is floundering and Ballmer has been booted. Sinofsky comes back and replaces Windows UI with that from After and the rest becomes history?

Comment Re:Other Manufacturers Can't Complain (Score 2) 100

At the moment I would say that point is quite valid. How long that holds could be an interesting question however. I think Ballmer is going nowhere but Sinofsky is different. I think his style and approach have real potential and he's starting to find his stride. Give it a few years and I think he is going to be responsible for some big turn arounds in terms of what MS produces and we are just starting to see the inflection point.

Now I'm actually a Linux and Apple fan myself and normally don't think much of MS but Sinofsky is someone I respect.

Comment Other Manufacturers Can't Complain (Score 1) 100

The other device makers really can't complain here from what I see. MS is starting to make their own products because quite frankly, the products made by others have been mediocre at best. They have had many years to pick up their game but none of them have. MS really does owe them nothing and if MS can make a better device themselves then they most definitely should because the others quite clearly can't.

I find it very interesting that Software companies (Apple, Google, MS, Amazon) have all taken to hardware as well and served many companies who specialise only in hardware (and have many years experience) their asses on a plate. This is a perfect example of skills learnt in one area translating very elegantly into another.

Submission + - How would an Email Me don't Snail Mail Me list work for you? (

high_rolla writes: "Whenever there's an election on, or some other good enough reason, I'm inundated with political advertising literature. I imagine everyone is. What a waste of paper. What if we could instigate a list and if you were on it politicians were not allowed to post you advertising literature but had to send it by email? We could save a lot of paper being wasted and do our bit for the environment. If you didn't want to receive the messages it would also be trivial for you to create a filter for it as well. So what do you think? Politicians would no doubt hate it but if enough people got behind it could we get it going?"

Comment Innovation (Score 1) 232

Indeed I believe we are just seeing the start of a new era of innovation in terms of new formats for portable devices. Android is maturing just as the manufacturers are starting to get their stuff together in terms of playing with new ideas. I think the future is going to be very interesting. I wonder if Apple and MS will be able to keep up?

Comment Re:It's not about prior art (Score 1) 315

I think you are right that this is going to be a fight, it's going to be a huge fight. There are many large and profitable organisations with a lot at stake here. I would not be surprised if this makes that **aa battles of today look tame in comparison.

These devices, as they become cheaper and better, have absolutely massive potential for humanity. But todays world is increasingly $'s focused instead of benefits focused. I would like to see humanity win but I fear the corporations (in the short term at least) will be too powerful.

Comment Re:He didn't disclose what he wasn't asked (Score 1) 282

Surely there would be a database somewhere of court cases and who was involved in them, either as witnesses, plaintiff or defendant. Even if it is only for court cases in America. Surely the system should automatically scan anyone called up to be a witness and show any prior cases for all to see?


Submission + - Will 3D Printing be legislated out of existence? (

high_rolla writes: "3D printing is starting to pick up pace. There's no doubt that once it improves to a certain level and reaches a certain price point it has the potential to change the world and impact on many different market segments. Just as the entertainment industry is fighting heavily to protect their outdated business model through legislation, do you reckon that manufacturers and many others that could be in danger from 3d printing will start to push for legislation to heavily restrict and control their usage? We've already seen the potential to print weapons such as guns. Will events like this really just play right into their hands? Or do you foresee a different future?"

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