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Submission + - How would an Email Me don't Snail Mail Me list work for you? (

high_rolla writes: "Whenever there's an election on, or some other good enough reason, I'm inundated with political advertising literature. I imagine everyone is. What a waste of paper. What if we could instigate a list and if you were on it politicians were not allowed to post you advertising literature but had to send it by email? We could save a lot of paper being wasted and do our bit for the environment. If you didn't want to receive the messages it would also be trivial for you to create a filter for it as well. So what do you think? Politicians would no doubt hate it but if enough people got behind it could we get it going?"

Comment Innovation (Score 1) 232

Indeed I believe we are just seeing the start of a new era of innovation in terms of new formats for portable devices. Android is maturing just as the manufacturers are starting to get their stuff together in terms of playing with new ideas. I think the future is going to be very interesting. I wonder if Apple and MS will be able to keep up?

Comment Re:It's not about prior art (Score 1) 315

I think you are right that this is going to be a fight, it's going to be a huge fight. There are many large and profitable organisations with a lot at stake here. I would not be surprised if this makes that **aa battles of today look tame in comparison.

These devices, as they become cheaper and better, have absolutely massive potential for humanity. But todays world is increasingly $'s focused instead of benefits focused. I would like to see humanity win but I fear the corporations (in the short term at least) will be too powerful.

Comment Re:He didn't disclose what he wasn't asked (Score 1) 282

Surely there would be a database somewhere of court cases and who was involved in them, either as witnesses, plaintiff or defendant. Even if it is only for court cases in America. Surely the system should automatically scan anyone called up to be a witness and show any prior cases for all to see?


Submission + - Will 3D Printing be legislated out of existence? (

high_rolla writes: "3D printing is starting to pick up pace. There's no doubt that once it improves to a certain level and reaches a certain price point it has the potential to change the world and impact on many different market segments. Just as the entertainment industry is fighting heavily to protect their outdated business model through legislation, do you reckon that manufacturers and many others that could be in danger from 3d printing will start to push for legislation to heavily restrict and control their usage? We've already seen the potential to print weapons such as guns. Will events like this really just play right into their hands? Or do you foresee a different future?"

Comment The goal posts are moving (Score 1) 200

If in fact Apple does release a smaller iPad then I think this will actually be quite significant with respect to MS and Win8. Given the popularity of other smaller tablets released recently such as the Kindle and the Nexus it shows that the market is moving (or rather expanding) to accommodate this new form factor. But it doesn't look to me like Win8 will play nice at this scale (just my opinion, I could be wrong). So just as MS finally get's something possibly credible onto the market the market has shifted to something else.

So it could be that Apple still doesn't believe the smaller form factor is better than the 10" size but is happy to play along as it would quite aggravate MS.
Regarding Jobs' comments regarding the 7" screens, I believe he may have been right at the time but our UI design skills for tablets have improved now which may mitigate those points. The industry moves so quickly that a lot of comments many people make are true at the time given what was viable then but become less relevant as we learn more.

Comment It's a Trap (Score 1) 257

This is just a ploy to help get more copies of Win8 sold. Shortly after it gets approved they'll get others to push for a huge tablet rollout in schools. MS will then go in with a deal they can't refuse for Win8 tablets. The bonus is they will then have to buy more Office licenses and quite a few more Win servers to manage them.

So. An easy way to get an increase in sales in the short term and secure Win8 market share in the long term.

While schools are playing with tablets as small individual projects MS has no chance but once it becomes a large scale deployment that goes out to tender MS can muscle their way in and force everything to be MS. That's effectively the way it worked here in NSW Australia for the 1 laptop per child project. MS made a killing on it and turned every high school student above yr 9 into a walking advertisement for Win 7.

Comment Re:Good news for AAPL investors (Score 1) 310

Here's my theory.

This is the advertised price that nobody will pay. Instead they will go to manufacturers and say

"Hey, those are nice Android tablets you're making there. How's about you stop making them completely and we'll give you WinRT for a much more competitive price?"

Isn't this the same strategy they used quite successfully to keep manufacturers from making Linux machines?

Submission + - A Game of Phones (

high_rolla writes: "Lately the fun and games in the smartphone market have been hitting new levels of silly. Perfect material for a spoof:
A Game of Phones
Instead of kings we have Apple, Google, HTC, Samsung etc. They each command armies of lawyers and have stockpiles of patents to defend with. The throne is ultimate market share and the destruction of other players. There also seems to be just as much treason, incest and adultery going on as in the books.
It seems that we can draw plenty of parallels here so I thought I'd ask Slashdot:
If you were tasked with creating this spoof, what material would you add? Who would you cast as which characters? What major events would play out? etc. Have fun and I look forward to reading what you come up with."

Comment Similar experience with TodoListMe (Score 1) 273

I have developed an on-line todo list manager and have experienced similar issues. I was able to get it working nicely in all browsers except IE. It may be that my web development fu is not up to scratch but I did put a fair bit of time into trying to get it to work in IE and had no luck. All my tweaking just resulted in weird error messages that I could not decipher (Even with the help of Google). So I just gave up.

It's not a huge success of Facebook proportions yet but it is growing nicely in popularity so the lack of IE doesn't really bother me at this point.

It seems to me that for content only pages IE is perfectly fine but as we move more and more into web apps it's struggling to keep up. But I don't have extensive experience in this area so I'm happy to be proven wrong.

Comment All part of RIAA, MPAA plan (Score 1) 234

And a lot of computers hosting illegal content would also be deemed illegal. And the RIAA, MPAA would come in and say "Don't worry, we'll help you take down all those dirty dirty illegal computers, just grant us more laws in our favor and we'll gladly take on the task."

It's all part of their plan you see.

And before you know it, the only legal computers will be those blessed by the **AA and hard wired to be under their constant surveillance.

Comment Planned Marketing Stunt (Score 1) 206

I wonder how much of this was a planned marketing stunt.

"Take the phone for free. It has a minor glitch but we guarantee it will be fixed in a few days and be as good as new."

How many people I wonder will just see that it is FREE and rush to buy it accordingly. Artificially inflating WP sales figures and making it look like it's gaining traction.

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