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Comment Re:False Dichotomy (Score 1) 705

Have you heard of the FCC fairness doctrine. The Democrats keep bringing the idea back up. If the FCC has internet regulatory rights; why do you think the FCC will not in the future apply an "fairness doctrine" to the internet? Tim S

Comment Re:This should make vampires happy! (Score 1) 229

False, of the Four Christians that I know their type, two are of the Right and two of the Left. This does NOT count my family or the Members of my Church. This is in Indiana, USA normally considered on the Right side. I think people consider you to be Anti-Christian and do NOT tell you that they are Christian on the left. Tim S.

Comment Re:hip replacement really lows QoL (Score 1) 521

A person asked the Pres. if his health would support getting a hip replacement of their mother/grandmother hip. He said that it would NOT because at 80+ it would not be a good medical decision. I suggest actually paying attention to the bad things the pres said. I said Democrat because he said the non-democrats are his enemies. That means the he is only the Democrat Pres. Tim S.

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