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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Best geek toys for goldfish

commlinx writes: As it approaches Christmas I'm in the process of adding a geek touch to my goldfish tank and need some ideas from the Slashdot community. So far I have collected a few static plastic models, such as the Enterprise NCC-1701, R2D2 and a Supreme Dalek to glue to the bottom of the tank; however I would also like to add some more dynamic items. I already have a USB controlled switchable power socket connected to a Raspberry Pi to control the main tank light remotely and was thinking this might be expanded to control some LEDs, motors and maybe even some Nixie tubes. However I'm unsure of the best way to interface these together and also wondering what precautions are needed because the water in the tank may not be pure? I look forward to hearing ideas from the community and am interested in how you would approach the problem.

Submission + - A blackhole at quarter the size of its galaxy (

An anonymous reader writes: Astronomers have spotted an enormous black hole — the second most massive ever — but it resides in a tiny galaxy. The galaxy NGC 1277, just a quarter the size of our own Milky Way, hosts a black hole 4,000 times larger than the one at the Milky Way's centre.

Comment Re:This is FUD (Score 1) 162

Thanks for the clarification. I'd assumed from TFS it was GPS data.

It probably makes the anecdote suspect as well unless he's a good cheater but poor liar. I assume the sort of people who buy these products are the kind who might have trouble sleeping and end up doing a little excercise or go for a jog in the early hours.

Comment Re:"De-identifying" is WAY harder than it sounds (Score 1) 86

I tried that too using Melbourne and Sydney and got similar results, but then realised it was because I was using 3000 and 2000 postcodes which are the CBD areas that probably don't have a lot of residents comparitively. Using my actual suburb which is only medium size and is Tasmania yielded 63 results and that would strike me as fairly plausible.

Results are pretty useless in a lot of areas though because of the obvious bias of using credit cards. For example "Christco Hampers" that are once a year Christmas mail-orders hampers come up as the #1 grocery supplier because just about all customers would use a credit card card. The two big supermarket chains that have about a 90% market share I believe come up as #2 and #3.

Comment Re:RCMP staff should be sued and then fired (Score 1) 770

This wasn't about stopping taking pictures - the demand was to delete the pictures. Which he couldn't - it's a film camera.

Not that it's the point in the case, but with a film camera it is rather easy to delete your photos albeit at the expense of losing your other shots as well.

I suspect a few seconds of sun exposure is a whole lot harder to recover than deleted pictures on a DSLR, where you can just use a FAT undelete utility especially if no more pictures are taken afterwards.

Comment Bitcoins! (Score -1, Flamebait) 87

I suspect many millions like myself have thousands of HD5970 cards busy mining bitcoins which probably accounts for some of it. Hell I had to install my own array of diesel generators after I realized that silicon solar cells can't be vertically stacked well.

Anyway I expect my cache of BTC will keep my family and myself financially secure for generations to come, even if air quality may be somewhat degraded.

Comment Re:This is normal. (Score 4, Informative) 47

That safety zone is shaped like a pizza box and extends out 15 miles (25 kilometers) to either side, as well as a half-mile (0.75 km) above and below the station.

I wonder why it's shaped like a pizza box?

I guess the forward deflector array must be more effective on the vertical plane but anyone know for sure?

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