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Comment Re:Religion didn't call for this (Score 1) 1376

No, not socialist. Fianna Fail - the majority ruling party - are centre right and have been shifting further right for years due to the influence of the Progressive Democrats party. While in power they sold off most of the state and semi-state companies, while outsourcing to private companies things that they should be looking after themselves. Letting private companies build hospitals on land of a public hospital is not socialism! Letting private companies charge us tolls to use roads that were built with our tax money is not socialism! I could go on for pages. Jesus fucking christ I hate this country...

Comment From a user perspective (Score -1, Flamebait) 598

Java sucks. It's slow and a resource hog. It just doesn't feel 'right' when using programs made from it.

On the other hand, I've never really had a problem with any .net apps that I've used.

Sure Java might be more open but as a user I'm going to use what is better for me - not what's better for the developers.

The Courts

Submission + - EMC, Donatelli File Lawsuits Over Jump to HP (

Diabolus Advocatus writes: The fate of David Donatelli, former head of EMC's storage unit, may be decided by the courts. EMC and Donatelli have filed lawsuits against each other over Donatelli's plan to join EMC competitor Hewlett-Packard, the Reuters wire service reported.

HP announced Tuesday that Donatelli, president of EMC's storage division, will join HP on May 5 as executive vice president for enterprise servers, storage, and networking. But analysts questioned whether a non-compete clause would interfere with HP's plans to steal a top executive from a competitor.

The Internet

Submission + - Microsoft DRM code for Netflix Streams hacked (

reddburn writes: "Macworld posted a story by IDN News Service about a hacker who has posted instructions for how to save streaming movies from Netflix, defeating Microsoft's DRM code designed to prevent users from saving the content. From the article:

A hacker who calls himself Dizzie wrote late last month on the Rorta hacking forum that "Netflix doesn't easily allow you to save the flicks and watch them at your leisure because the films are entrapped in some ... Windows Media DRM wrapper," referring to Microsoft's DRM system. Word of his hack spread more widely this week in various blogs and Web sites...He writes that the process for removing the DRM could take a few attempts, and the process does not remove the time limit imposed by Netflix on viewing the content. The Netflix site was down for maintenance early Thursday, although it was unclear if it was related to the hack. The site was back up later Thursday morning.

How long will it take for businesses to realize what the developers and engineers who work for them have known all along: there is no unbreakable DRM?"


Submission + - Hacker cracks Netflix 'Watch Now' Movies (

Diabolus Advocatus writes: At the start of 2007 Netflix started offering a 'Watch Now' service that lets subscribers watch flicks and tv shows online at no extra cost. The limit is one hour per dollar, so if you pay $18 for your subscription, you get 18 hours of credits to watch shit online. All well and good, but the trouble is that Netflix doesn't easily allow you to save the flicks and watch them at your leisure because the films are entrapped in some shittastic Windows Media DRM wrapper. Let's see if we can fix that. This guide will thus show you how to save and decrypt the movies from Netflix so that you can convert them to other mediums and watch them at your leisure.

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