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Comment Re:It sucks (Score 2, Informative) 175

Sure MS might suck as a corporation, and release dodgy software and charge more then acceptable for it, but their hardware division is actually quite good. I have plenty of MS hardware and it [i]is[/i] good quality, far better than the software. Don't paint all their products with the same brush.

Comment Re:Tor can be blocked as well. (Score 1) 374

The only thing preventing is their own population. I just don't think they would tolerate becoming prisoners in the their own nation.

They are prisoners in their own nation. They are not tolerating it. Hence the protests. Sure the fundamentalists have a solid backing among the populace but the rigged elections and censorship of protests show it is not as solid as they need to maintain power fairly.

It doesn't matter if they block TOR or just websites, they are still censoring what their people can see and read.

Submission + - British film 'Creation' banned in USA ( 8

thesappho writes: "From the story : "British film 'Creation' will not be coming to the United States because of its controversial theme. While the film opened the Toronto Film Festival to rave reviews, the religious undertones surrounding this Darwin biopic appear to be to much for the U.S. ". It seems that the film could not find even one distributor to be aired. Is this a kind of banning? negligence? censorship? or business decision?"

Comment Re:Intrepid? RV'er? It Hurts. (Score 1) 438

I have to agree with the BWCA suggestion. Used to go there with my father when I was in high school (mid-90's). The first day was the roughest, but after that you adjust quickly to the physical aspect of it, and the lack of technology. Its very refreshing to cleanse the system of overexposure to EM and computers.

If you want to get away from EM I'd suggest you stay out of view of the sun :\

Comment Re:toposhaba (Score 1) 792

And a GPS can't be removed and left at home? Slightly harder but come on. ...

GPS is not a perfect solution either. I have used several different models including the Pharos GPS with Streets and Trips. They often jump temporarily to another state or place on the globe and then after a few minutes jump back. So are we going to be able to challenge the 3000 mile trip we supposedly took on our way to grocery store? I have an idea just give me a check for 150million and I'll tell them it won't work.

Comment Re:I've used pre-production versions. They are FAS (Score 2, Interesting) 133

You are using comparing HDD's in a Clariion to your SSD's. Not a very fair comparison. Why not compare your box to a Symmetrix V-Max with SSD's, or even a DMX with SSD's. What you've done is like sticking a Ferrari engine into a Lada and compared it to say a Ford Focus and saying that your's wins. Just because your engine is faster doesn't mean your product is better.

Comment Modifiers (Score 1) 1

You can set modifiers to mark down posts that are modded funny, and mark up interesting/insightful. I agree there's some interesting stuff in the firehose that is good enough for front page, but I think the editors also have to consider how much debate it will attract, which much of the rejected submissions in the firehose will not do.

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