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Comment Re:Yeah, you can totally trust your data... (Score 1) 335

Well, I don't use data upload software. That does not absolve the OS from a responsibility of elementary fairness among processes, nor routers from the same among connected devices. This is a primary function of OS and router.

That you admit through silence the same lack of features in CPU throttling, is proof enough.

Google drive might not be justified in omitting a feature that is necessary because of limitations of YOUR OS and router, but I wouldn't have the fundamental responsibilities of different software blurred.

Comment Re:Please.... (Score 1) 321

Obviously a screwed up (read greedy) banking/financial system will cost the economy something.

For reasonable credit card companies - unspent amount should go back to your account, loading fee should be comparable to costs the company incurred on providing which is somewhere in the vicinity of $0. (Though I am not saying around 0 cents.)

Comment Re:Yeah, you can totally trust your data... (Score 1) 335

But default settings is for no rate controls on the OS or router side...meaning that both the OS and the router expect applications to play nice and manage themselves, or be user-adjustable at the very least.

Then your OS is not very fair about allocating network resources among running programs, is it? If it is across machines, your router is not fair about allocating network resources among connected machines.

For Linux, nice, ionice work well enough so that you could manipulate if you don't want fairness, though default behaviour is kind of "fair". Other operating systems would have their own mechanisms.

I am curious if CPU using software (e.g. spreadsheet, calculators etc.) come with CPU throttling settings.

Comment Re:Here's What Will Happen (Score 2) 382

More importantly, when something is very important it is impossible for general people to know of its truths through the traditional investigation and media mechanism.

At every stage of the fact copying process between persons, there is a huge incentive to distort facts. Distortion could be in any direction.

Given this, it is a waste of the time by the "critical" thinkers to worry too much about learning the truth. There can be no hope of the truth in really important matters. That is why such people are nutjobs - like people believing in fairies.

Comment Re:Does it really cost $100k? (Score 1) 461

But then market economics isn't a great way to popularize these devices. The person who pays (passenger) is not the one who benefits (passenger in following years). Making the devices mandatory appears to be the only way.

Though the airline does say this particular aircraft had 4 independent ELT devices, of 2 different types each, at least one of which should have croaked.

Comment Re:The year of the Linux Tablet (Score 1) 487

Likely, you think that my question is a statement. It wasn't it was a question. You somehow seem obsessed with saying my question was a statement.

You admitted, nay boasted, in your last post, that your question was a statement. I am done with ping pong. If there is any other matter you want to discuss I would love to partake in it.

Comment Re:The year of the Linux Tablet (Score 1) 487

Certainly there is no correlation to the ongoing discussion about Apple and the nature of a downward slide postulated the the OP.

Downward slide could be of losses, profits, marketshare, negative marketshare, wavelength of dominant colour of product logo etc. Since it was unqualified, your statements about Apples finances were presumptuous in the context. That is all.

Firsty, asking a question and making the question a statement is a great technique

Yes, but then it makes it impossible to avail of the defence that the comment was only a question and not a statement. Which you tried to avail of, here : question I was asking which was what metrics was the OP using to make the determination that Apple is on a downhill slide.

Now you accept that you were not asking a question but making a statement, but in this post you were completely hiding behind the facade of your first post here that I replied to being a "question".

You can make a replacement post that does not harp on "question", and I will gladly consider it. But I refuse to play in this ping-pong between "it was just a question not a statement" and "nothing wrong in making a statement".

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