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Comment Re:And Fire qualifies for many definitions of Life (Score 1) 401

In fact I never even hinted at theology

I ... suggested that you were confusing Theology

You used that word where it wasn't relevant or warranted on my suggestion that you are using "etc." to be able to change goalposts later. Sure enough, your "etc." came in handy as you have to change the properties if a thing your teacher told you is not "life" but it has all the properties you mention. And all the while, Theology was completely irrelevant in any sense of the word.

How then can "fire" have global properties

I never said "fire" has global properties. I was aware from the beginning that your "etc." is meant to hide your ignorance, and you were going to change goalposts later. And sure enough, you post later about "no global properties" so that you can pick and choose.

The definition in the dictionary is rather ambiguous

Which is what I have been saying - it is not a word deserving of scientific analysis. It has been used for "life as we know (knew) it". It doesn't stand up to intellectual scrutiny a 7th grader can subject it to. But if you insist on an ignorant "scientific" analysis on a decidedly unscientific word, it would definitely appear to be rambling to all smart people. Your taking offence at this being pointed out won't help much.

If you notice, the dictionary definition is already disagrees with established science. Protists and fungi are frequently classified as "life" but neither plant nor animal - whereas dictionary definition ties itself to animals and plants. And the rest of the properties from the dictionary definition are satisfied by fire, at least as much as other accepted forms of life.

So there are only 2 logical options - accept fire as "life"; or accept that "life" is not a word deserving of scientific analysis.

But you choose a third, illogical option - analyze "life" as if it meant something unambiguous, yet not accept fire. No wonder you come across as a moron.

Comment Re:Not so sure about SteamOS (Score 1) 304

It's a help for sure. Previously, most phones needed a Windows client to be able to sync, copy data, manage, upgrade firmware etc. Possibly because Android is close to linux, it has become possible to completely manage most Android phones from a GNU/Linux desktop/laptop machine. Even rooting works using a linux computer for most phones.

And the debian / ubuntu chroot on Android rocks!

Comment Re:The things windows does, as a real OS (Score 1) 558

In other words you have no clue, but want to pretend as if you do. So point to "availability" of interpreters even if it is irrelevant. You keep saying about the functionality the increased power consumption enables but have no information on which programs use those 8 interpreters, to provide which functionality. And "late" posting by me surely increases power consumption of windows devices the world over, that's why you are so worried about it.

Ahhh, so you've not reached high school yet. That explains it.

Comment Re:And Fire qualifies for many definitions of Life (Score 1) 401

Fire satisfies all the conditions you mentioned. Yes, there are no global properties for life as per your "definition", which is why you need to hand wave so much. And use etc. , so that you can switch goalposts later. Like I said earlier, etc. is used to pretend more knowledge than one possesses, but on which you started another rambling about theology.

Comment Re:The things windows does, as a real OS (Score 1) 558

No the fact that you chose to speak about availability if interpreters rather than the functionality programs using them are providing, speaks volumes more than anything you can say. Words like pingeon-hole don't help in raising my hopes. Deliberately changing the topic from battery life to power use, even if one so clearly leads to another, crashes the hopes completely.

Incoherence like "you're late" followed by nothing better seals the end of discussion.

Comment Re:And Fire qualifies for many definitions of Life (Score 1) 401

Degrees : I can't figure out the exact word I want there, the whole word "life" having such an imprecise history. But I mean, viruses have clearly been considered both living and non-living by different educated people in the last century itself. You yourself mentioned movement as a necessity, which most plants show no more than air which you deny has any life.

You need to ramble incoherently about life because it doesn't mean anything as precise as deserving so much analysis. E.g. swimming. Can submarines swim? Which ones? Tiny water robots? In mercury ? It's useless analysis because swimming is a word historically used for humans and moving macroscopic animals manoeuvring in water. It doesn't mean anything precise.

Thinking? Can computers think? Even if they become capable of processing information far better than humans in all categories, one can always say they are not really thinking, are they? I mean, it's just a circuit. Bullshit. Thinking doesn't mean anything very precise either.

Same with life. Yes third graders are taught to distinguish between living and non-living. It's a useful cognitive exercise. No, it doesn't stand up to the intellectual scrutiny a 7th grader can apply to the methodology of distinguishing between living and non-living. Grow up from 3rd grader to 7th grader level, and see that "life" is a stupid word.

Comment Re:And Fire qualifies for many definitions of Life (Score 1) 401

While I agree that we can't pinpoint a precise definition of "thing" that makes something live we have a laundry list of descriptions of properties of "life", "living", "alive", etc.. We also know that life can end, so we define death as the absence of life in a once living creature. We know life occurs, we can test for numerous properties that indicate something living, but we don't have a magic element we can look at and say when this X is present it's "life".

In other words we have no clue what exactly life is. We attribute life in varying degrees to whatever is similar in some aspect to ourselves related to what we call life in humans.

We have learned enough about "life" to realize that things like air, water, and fire are not "life" as we used to believe

I don't think you have learnt anything, especially if your description of "life" is as muddled as described above.

Why is fire not life? And why is eucalyptus life? Below you say "mobility" is important for life. Fire is far more mobile than eucalyptus. Eucalyptus doesn't defecate - or if gaseous defecation is allowed then fire does it more readily. Replication and ingestion - both satisfy these conditions.

Ahhh, the eternal "etc.". Used to pretend one knows about something while knowing nothing of it. Especially when everything before "etc." doesn't solve the problem at all, the "etc." gives scope to change goalposts later.

Comment Re:The things windows does, as a real OS (Score 1) 558

No fewer than eight different scripting languages available at any moment

Many scripting languages are interpreted languages, and are purely CPU bound

CPU bound while being available? Biggest load of bullshit I've read on slashdot for a while.

Battery power doesn't mean you lose features

You just did when battery died 4 hours before the other guy's macbook.

Comment Re:Easy one... (Score 1) 558

its fully known what just about every part
of windows is doing.

Ok, we have a winner then. Dear icebike here, with an incredible Google-fu, will explain to everyone why battery life on windows devices is so low. Cheers everyone.

I daresay icebike deserves a Nobel prize for this, as so many people are perplexed about such a fundamental problem facing mankind.

Comment Re:DoS? (Score 1) 361

The NSA employs Really Ridiculously Smart People

Don't be too sure of it. A lot of "smartness" of spies is manufactured by the media -

It doesn't take much smartness to warn people of dire consequences if they don't turn over their keys, and then spy using thus acquired keys. There might be a few smart people, but possibly no more than those working for NetGear, or Cisco. And the said smart people obviously don't call the shots - otherwise Snowden wouldn't have happened.

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