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Comment Re: The worst thing... (Score 1) 575

Again, the "male gaze" remains the best name even if both men and women use it, because they are both practicing the gazing at (objectifying) of women.

So, "women" is the only common thing between males gazing and females gazing. Why is it then called "male gaze"? Doesn't make sense at all, though you set out to prove that it makes any sense.

Comment Re:To make HW mfrs' lives easier (Score 1) 201

What stops set-top PC manufacturers from shipping Debian?

The fact that Debian needs to be configured (1) to be able to run Steam, making it not set-top PC any more? You need to be told this much too?

We aren't talking about console users here. We're talking about people who (are supposed to) know enough to load and troubleshoot SteamOS onto the machines.

Why aren't you talking about console users here? Only an idiot would talk about people who (are supposed to) know enough to load and troubleshoot SteamOS onto the machines "here", in this context.

(1) : adding repositories with drivers. Signing into Steam. Possibly applying realtime related kernel patches

Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 513

Too many different charges can cause confusopoly,which is worse than a monopoly. Monopoly at least has the advantage of non duplication of effort, confusopoly needs a huge effort to keep going.

Effect on customer is the same - lack of the ability to choose. Regulations have to be equally serious about both - which sometimes involves telling businesses what they can charge their customers.

Comment Re:Other Motives (Score 1) 275

Two points :
1. Ubuntu, any, is not the right choice for such deployments because 5 years is not enough support period. You need rolling release, or CENTOS like support -minimum 7 years, frequently stretching to 10.

2. Linux, with at least 2 snapshotting filesystems, is much better placed than windows in recovering from bad updates. The rollback, being at a filesystem level, is much cleaner.

Comment Re:A projection of what? (Score 1) 433

Yes, it really matters. In the middle ages, there were mathematical formulas which described the planets and sun revolving around the earth. The math worked very well even though the theory was proven to be very wrong.

There is nothing "wrong" with most of them. Except some of those that had slight mismatch between theory and observation that were fixed by taking relativity into account, most of the theory was not "wrong". Some were wrong because of insisting on circular orbits instead of elliptical. But geocentricity by itself never was "wrong".

Geocentricity does make lot of calculations so complex as to be not doable without computer assistance that came much later into wide acceptance of heliocentricism. That also leads to inaccuracies in calculations.

I repeat - while heliocentricism is preferable, geocentricism is not "wrong".

Comment Re:Stop pretending (Score 1) 307

I say again - WTF is XDA?

It is what this comment of your own was addressing :
Idiots can mistake it to be a "crack site" so you are spot on for your level.

Why pretend to be so stupid? Do I have to dumb the question down even more? Draw in crayon?

So, now this question is to you. If you reacted like that to "XDA" earlier, how come you suddenly forgot what XDA is ?

I'm going to regurgitate this content free thread the next time I catch you picking on somebody for fun. Acting dumb isn't so fun now is it?

Great. Though it is you that are acting dumb, but sure, go ahead.

Comment Re:citation quotient (Score 1) 308

1. Supposingly peer review should block such kind of "trivial paper".

The idea is that the most trivial paper peer review passes, can be used to achieve an infinite "score" by your formula.

2. The formula can be adjusted to (a+1)/(b+1) or something similar. Then the initial score will be (0+1)/(3+1)=1/4, while the traded score will be 11/14

(11/14) > (1/4)

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