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Comment Re:As soon as the smart car counts as the driver (Score 1) 662

Not quite. I've actually read about the Google vehicle

Hope the reading included the fact that they are not yet approved for use in most jurisdictions of the world. By the time they are approved, much might change, so your reading about a trial vehicle amounts to zilch. Which is what I mean by you also only commenting on YOUR imagination of what the "car" would be like, and not on facts. Because facts don't exist yet.

AND there are other autonomous car projects besides Google's. No doubt you have proof that Google's will be the one that is adopted, unchanged.

The idea that a human can opt to control the car (the topic of this discussion) is not an assumption, it is the way the car actually works, from the documentation provided thus far

Right, and laws have never been known to be made on the basis of imagined threats. "Think of the *" is a statement I am inventing right now with no history of being used for overreaching laws.

from the laws written so far.

And laws never change on the basis of new technology, especially when the technology starts getting spread wide. Got it.

Your NSA paranoia is your own, I don't share that at all and I will vote accordingly.

Yes, because Snowden's allegations have been proven utterly baseless.

Comment Re:As soon as the smart car counts as the driver (Score 1) 662

No one would buy a car that would do this. There's no market for it

Yeah, no one would vote for a government which would do all the things Snowden is saying they did. There is no public support for it.

Wait! People DID vote for just such a government!! The paranoids have been proven "not paranoid enough".

Comment Re:As soon as the smart car counts as the driver (Score 1) 662

All they have to do is have the lights all go red and you will be trapped in traffic.

Very impractical. The resulting traffic chaos will make the arrest more difficult than ever. Best bet currently is have specifically the victim's GPS tell them about wrong route - even that easily beatable by a victim who has a pair of eyes and looks before driving somewhere.

As compared to the "autonomous" car which simply "arrests" the contents of a particular car and brings them to prison. NSA spooks don't have to get off their asses. They will get some autonomous prison building machines also because existing prisons are already overflowing.

Comment Re:As soon as the smart car counts as the driver (Score 1) 662

If phone and operating systems companies decide to go nuclear over something as simple as software interfaces - imaging how they will fight with this.

Ford cars will give wrong information to GM cars just to make GM cars look bad. GM, already expecting this, will ask Ford cars but not listen to their answer at all but ask the centralized GMCloud for data which is populated with data from GM cars only. But that will have been patented by Toyota by then, so Toyota will sue and win. But then President will use his by then acquired special powers to overrule courts to let GM doing it anyway.

Comment Re:As soon as the smart car counts as the driver (Score 1) 662

They are reacting to what they think the vehicle will be like, rather than what they actually do

What else can people do when the vehicles are not widely available yet? Actually you are doing so yourself.

to enable her to remain independent

This is your reaction to what you think the vehicle will be like - you think it will make your mom independent. Like everybody else, you are also speculating / imagining the vehicle to be like something and commenting on it. So get off the high autonomous horse as if you are yourself not doing what everyone else is doing.

Exactly like others are concerned NSA will simply order the vehicles to "arrest" someone and bring over to prison rather than getting off their asses to do so.

Comment Re:Would probably be outlawed... (Score 1) 492

Okay, sounds good to me. We pay them far, far more than the best-of-the-best who actually contribute to the good of humanity. I have no problem with our modern gladiators destroying their bodies in the process, to at least earn that fat wad o' cash.

Maybe you know it, but
1. These professions come with glamour.
2. People who don't know better would want to enter it, regardless of consequences. At least until they know better.
3. With the human body the way it is, typically a "sports star" has to start training way before adulthood. Where adulthood is defined as legally "knowing better". And this legal fact roughly mirrors moral idea of age of "knowing better" for many people in the jurisdiction.
4. Most wannabe "sports stars" fail to be sports stars but do well in other professions, content with following the game and playing amateur. Their one time ambition for sports stardom only enriches their life, typically improving their health. The time they wasted on the ambition would have been wasted on something else anyway, childhood and adolescence being what they are.
5. Now, in the "steroidally enlightened" world, even when these "failure" kids grow to be an adult and now officially "know better", they are unfit for any other job, or even life itself. So now, an immature ambition in a child costs him his life.
6. Everyone is immature at some time in their life.

You might be fine with it, but I completely understand how lots of people are not. I am with them.

Comment Re:It was a myth (Score 1) 986

We have ~50 states that vary quite a bit

People in the US don't BEGIN to understand the word "vary". In India, a currency note has the amount written in 16 languages. And half the population complains their language is not on it. How many languages are respected in the US? 2 is stretching it.

Religion? Haha. The US state apparatus, even the Constitution, gets away with references to the Christian God as if its the only possible idea of God, without much trouble. No state apparatus in India can survive a day without recognizing the religious pluralism, including a healthy dose of atheism of 2 varieties - original Buddhism and the one that springs from communism.

Forget about "vary", you will never understand it.

Comment Re:NSA has cribs? (Score 1) 394

Yes, but (attempt to) making sure that *nobody* can crack this can be done together with trying to crack it themselves.

Even in an organization of 20 people, if some are trying to prevent public "crackage", others would try to crack it themselves. Skillsets of the two attempts are quite different - one needs diplomacy, physical coercion, dialoge with the Executive; the other needs pure cryptographical skills. NSA being so humongous, they'd be fools if they don't give their best at cracking it themselves.

So I was replying to your statement that since they know what is inside, cracking it won't help them. Which is not true. First thing any victim of burglary asks is - what the burglars took. Even if they know whatever they took was from their home.

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