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Comment Re:"observation" (Score 1) 772

no one has "observed" evolution in the same way we observe a snake molting or a comet

Depends on how you define "evolution". In the simplest , literal sense, even speciation is not required for evolution. Just an appropriate change over time is enough.

In the most detailed sense, biologists do not even agree as to the exact mechanism of evolution. So observation is out of question.

So while talking about science being a formal method, learn one of the first steps - not using ambiguous words without precise formal definition. A whole field of study isn't "observed" typically - specific phenomena of it are. Speciation has been observed in fruit flies. Measurable reproductive nucleic acids change has been observed with bacteria. "Evolution" is each of these, all of these, or more.

Similarly, no one has "observed" a comet precise to picometers. Nor has anyone observed the role of all the molecules involved in a snake's body while molting.

Comment Re:Actual Facts (Score 1) 389

If you think that there's a good chance that people won't properly debate the NSA after you've released the information, if you don't trust the American people to take it all in and take responsible steps one way or the other, there's absolutely no reason to release the information in the first place

There is if you think leaking the information is just the beginning, and over coming decades there is a chance that the public by analyzing this information will vote and behave appropriately to improve the freedom situation.

Meanwhile, one can still distrust NSLs, gitmos, lack of a trial, secret trial etc.

Comment Re:Cowards (Score 1) 348

How idiotic.

THAT. Exactly that

You think THAT. You think exactly that. Actually I think you think THAT. I think you think exactly that.

When Shakespeare said "that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet", it meant that "Shakespeare thought that that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet".

(I think) It is a shortcut to make conversation not infinitely boring to skip the I think, you think non-sense because one cannot express anyone else's opinion. (I think) In expressing other people's opinion, people are expressing their own opinion of the other person's opinion.

Comment Re:Cowards (Score 1) 348

Mostly true, but I don't think Afghans would behave like this as a group. It was not for nothing that 3 successive superpowers couldn't subdue an impoverished people. Basically when culture removes the fear of death, no one can subdue the people.

Comment Re:One chance (Score 1) 348

Still, i think if you want privacy then shut the phone down and have a private voice conversation with someone at a restaurant

How? What about the CCTV with mike at the restaurant ? What if I want the very fact that I conversed with someone (and with someone in particular) to be private ?

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