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Comment Re:Free copies of office (Score 3, Informative) 113

the fact is that MS office is super super stable

You must have a different version from mine then, because the MS Office I see used in most businesses crashes, locks up, loses formatting, corrupts documents and is generally one of the biggest causes of wasted time in any working office environment.

Look, I get tat you don't like Libre Office, but don't pretend the MS version is any paragon of stability. It just isn't.

Comment Re:New strategy in criminal law? (Score 1) 192

I'm not religious, but the best option is the golden rule. If you can't follow this simple rule when you think nobody is watching then your moral compass needs some adjustment. When you do fuck up (and you will because everybody's moral compass wobbles) the best option is to come clean and (if possible) make a genuine attempt to recompense your victim, if nothing else your genuine remorse will be taken into account when you're sentenced.

Of course if you have strong sociopathic tendencies the golden rule makes no sense, and "not getting caught" may appear to be the best option.

Comment Re: New strategy in criminal law? (Score 4, Insightful) 192

This reasoning has never sat well with me, it's common knowledge the mobsters were in bed with the newly formed FBI during prohibition and had many high ranking "friends" throughout the judicial system for decades. A more likely explanation for the failure to convict is that the non-stick mobsters had their hands up the arse of the court, Sicily has a long history of the same problem. Mobsters don't adhere to the principle of a fair trial and will only come unstuck when they are confronted with an authority they can not intimidate (eg: the IRS). If you want to see a more extreme example of mobsters usurping authority, look no further than the drug lords of Mexico.

At the end of the day, one of the fundamental principles of western law is that it is better to allow the guilty to keep their freedom than it is to deny freedom to the innocent. This of course assumes all trials are fair trials (to both sides).

Comment Plea bullying (Score 3, Interesting) 192

As others have said, if a lot of the charges were indeed bogus, a defense attorney should have been able to get them thrown out.

If they are bogus they should not be there in the first place, according to a thousand years of western law it is not ok to throw "bogus" legal obstacles and distractions at the (presumed innocent) defendant.

A significant part of the problem is that (US) prosecutors are judged by the number of convictions they obtain rather than the quality of the charges they lay. When implemented this becomes pile up 10 charges, plea bargain guilty for one, bingo another brownie point on the prosecutors score card, collect enough points and you are moved up a rung on the judicial career ladder..

The US simply takes plea bargaining to the extreme and turns it into plea bulling, in the same way Fred Phelps takes free speech to the extreme and turns it into harassment. Other nations seem to be able to (largely) avoid plea bullying whilst still leaving the option of a plea bargain open to the defendant.

US law is firmly rooted in English common law and yet a random person in the UK (or indeed all of the EU) is ~7X less likely to be incarcerated, and the figures don't look that much better when comparing the US to China. The main reason for the imbalance is that the US has 500K prisoners from the drug war alone, the EU with nearly twice the population has a total of 600K prisoners for ALL crimes.

There is no sane explanation for these glaring differences other than "culture".

Comment Re:faster bookmarks (Score 3, Interesting) 191

Here is the thing that always got to me about that and I have yet to receive any kind of logical answer for it...why? Why would you WANT 500+ tabs open at the same damned time anyway? I mean I can see a half a dozen, hell maybe even a dozen if you are researching something, but 500? Why would you even do that?

I mean with anything else we would point out that this behavior is dumb and any problems were from them being a dumbass, to use the car analogy if someone said "I drive my car on the freeway in second gear and it overheats" everyone would say "Well take it out of second gear dumbass" but when someone posts they have a problem while having 500+ pages open people treat it as a legitimate problem...why? we don't treat anything else on the PC when its used so far out of bounds of its normal usage as anything but stupidity,nobody would say its a legitimate problem if the guy who takes a 3GHz CPU and doubles the clock has overheating issues or the guy that tries to run a dozen games at a time on his GPU suffers a meltdown, so why is it that browsers are supposed to work perfectly when they are pushed so far beyond what is a typical use case its not even funny?

Comment Re:Ask any McDonald about domain (Score 1) 381

Considering how it looks like MSFT is monitoring everybody's Skype conversations since somebody cooked up some bullshit honeypots to see if anybody was watching and sure enough after talking about it on Skype they get visited? You may be a lot more right than you think, scary shit.

Comment Re:Does this actually work? (Score 1) 400

Uhhh...what has age got to do with it? The graphics still look great, and the number of systems the modders have added is just insane (one mod brags about how they have over 600 star systems, complete with everything from asteroid belts to mining colonies) and unlike EVE you don't have to keep shelling out money just to play the thing.

While I haven't played Star Conflict let me ask you...does it have the EXACT same control scheme as Freelancer? because i have bought several of the "Oh if you like Freelancer you should get" only to find the games are pretty much useless without a flight stick and I don't have the room nor the desire to get a big clunky flight stick just to play a handful of games. The Freespace games are like that, while you can drive with keyboard and mouse you are seriously gimped compared to somebody with a stick, whereas with Freelancer you could fly and battle with the best of them with just keyboard and mouse, REALLY great control layout.

Comment Re:Does this actually work? (Score 1) 400

The consoles will most likely cost around 30% more since you guys across the pond are great for screwing, sorry but its true, the game companies just love to bend you guys over and ride you raw. Compare what you are paying to how much you pay for a triple or hexacore here, you guy really are getting screwed. My youngest is gaming on that triple core right now, works great and if games ever need more than a triple his board will go up all the way to an octo-core if he needs one down the road.

Comment Re:Does this actually work? (Score 1) 400

I pointed that out because unlike with the consoles you have CHOICE. Don't like Steam for some reason? Well i just named a half a dozen off the top of my head and there are at least a half a dozen more that I can't recall the names of. Nobody says you HAVE to buy some from each service, but there ARE options.

And yes YOU control the software, because again don't like one service? You can always buy from another, hell don't like DRM at all? Gamecopyworld is a click away and can give you a crack for every game out there, the only way you are cracking that console is with a soldering iron and a LOT of luck, not to mention by doing so you just made sure you can NEVER play ANY game online, not just the game you cracked. I have some of my old games cracked because the ancient starfuck or SecuROM they had isn't compatible with 64bits (which I'm proud to say I have been 64bits since XP X64 back in 05) but just because I have those old games cracked doesn't mean a damned thing to Steam games or frankly any game OTHER than the old ones i cracked.

And sorry but you are wrong, several developers including epic and Crytek have said they have held off new better gaming engines because the current consoles just couldn't handle them, and very few make games that aren't cross platform so its rare that you get a game that doesn't at the very least have the console level graphics as the default which is MUCH weaker than even a 5 year old MOR gaming chip is. Heck I still do my gaming on an HD4850 and that is a 5 year old card, when the new consoles come out I'll pick up an HD7770 for $80 or less and be ahead of the consoles again for their entire run.

Finally as for what you all "shitty" monitors? There really isn't a point to going beyond 1080P right now because not only is the content just not there, neither in movies nor in TV, but with games costing in the 100 mil range with 1080p the price of doubling the pixels would be more than a good 90% of the gaming devs could ever afford. For what its worth I'm still on a 1600x900 monitor and I'm quite happy, movies and games look sharp and clear, and from the looks of things 32 inch 1080p TVs will drop to the $100-$140 price range by Xmas so pretty much anybody will be able to afford a nice large screen for gaming. Until ultra HD cameras and screens come down to a more realistic price the content just isn't gonna be there, it really is a chicken or egg problem in that most won't pay the higher prices without lots of content and most places won't spend the extra money to make the higher res content until there is some real numbers when it comes to users. Personally I'm fine with that, I've set up many a gaming HTPC and games look great on a 55 inch 1080p without needing expensive as hell hardware, thus opening it up to more people.

Comment Re:Does this actually work? (Score 1) 400

Dude its not the card, its WinXP which has a frankly terrible memory manager subsystem. Your card is more powerful than my HD4850 by about 20% and on win 7 X64 I play all the latest games at my native 1600x900 with ZERO problems, Deus Ex HR, Borderlands series, Crysis series (except for that last level on the first game but that last level is so badly coded there is actually a fan made patch that drops the graphics on JUST that level because it'll bring even a $500 card to its knees) and I'm not having a bit of trouble, not at all.

So just let go of XP friend, its a boat anchor crippling your performance. I mean for fucks sake when XP came out the average PC was a 600MHz with 256Mb of RAM, the fact that it was able to scale as far as it did was a miracle but its just not built to deal with large amounts of memory, its really not. I can tell you that I still have XP in a dual boot just in case i ever run into anything that won't run in win 7 and the difference in performance is like night and day, while Win 7 flies and never hits the swap with XP even with a hexacore and tons of RAM it'll just grind thanks to the shitty memory manager and CPU scheduler.

Comment Re:Does this actually work? (Score 1) 400

Boy you should be modded up to +5 already because that is the understatement of the year! I'm gaming quite happily on an HD4850 I got as a BDay prezzie 2 years old is that card again? 4 years? 5 years? And it plays just about every game out there at medium to high settings. The HD7770 is at $100 right now and is on average 40% faster than my HD4850 while using half the power but I'm waiting as i figure it'll be below $70 this fall.

So frankly PC gaming has NEVER been cheaper, there are a dozen cards under $120 that will play every game out there and you can easily get 3 or more years out of the card and even get a good chunk of what you paid back by selling your old card on CL. I know I got $40 for my old HD4650 when I got the HD4850 and I have no doubt I'll get the same or better when I replace the HD4850 for an HD7770 so the card itself will MAYBE cost me $50 and that is with me replacing the card every 3 years...big fricking whoop. Hell the only reason I'm gonna replace the HD4850 is that they naturally run hot and it would literally be cheaper to buy a new card than to buy a bigger cooler, but the card still plays games like Just Cause II, the Crysis series, Borderland series, and all with zero slowdown and more bling than i can pay attention to while dodging all the explosions and gunfire.

Hell my oldest got a hexacore gaming PC complete with HD4850 AND 8GB of RAM AND 640Gb HDD, the final cost for it including Win 7 HP? $386 shipped. And I really don't see any games needing hexacores for quite awhile so he should be fine with nothing more than a $50 GPU upgrade down the just can't beat that, you really can't. And unlike the consoles he has nearly a dozen places he can buy games from so the prices are REALLY low, not to mention there are thousands of games that are FTP that won't cost him a cent.

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