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Comment Re:Will Tesla buy them? (Score 1) 193

Humans are very good at quickly getting objects in and out of awkward spaces but only if those objects are fairly light. Your AA batteries are no problem for even a small child to handle. The starter batteries for petrol powered cars are getting towards the limit of what one person can easily and safely handle.

Afaict an electric car battery is of the order of half a ton. Getting something that weight in and out quickly while also keeping it in a place that is sheilded from crashes and doesn't mess with the praciticality or aerodynamics of the car is a much trickier proposition than dealing with a few AAs.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 443

They're not the victims. We are.

The point is that they're saying they're the ones who have been victimized by the evil "thieves" of their property. And it's an important point... while it's clearly a bad idea to allow one person/organization to act as judge, jury and executioner -- those roles are separated for very good reasons -- it's utterly ludicrous to allow the victim (or supposed victim), the entity with a personal interest and even a revenge motive, to play any of those roles.

Comment Re:Does this actually work? (Score 0) 400

Dude if you like space sims and haven't picked it up yet you should really get Freelancer, not only is the default game pretty large with dozens of systems and various factions but the modding community is still pretty active and thanks to the Freelancer Mod Manager you can try out the various mods by simply picking which one you want to run from a drop down list. The amount of systems the community has added is just insane, you can always find plenty online to play with or play one of the huge single player mods and in that game you can do anything you want, from working within the law as a police or bounty hunter to joining one of the pirate factions or just mine and transport your way to one of the big ships.

So try it out dude, its awesome and runs great on even my Win 7 netbook but still looks sharp even today.

Comment Re:Does this actually work? (Score 3, Informative) 400

Ya know, while I am happy at paying MUCH less when it comes to steam sales i really don't get the whole "ZOMFG Valve might go away!" doom scenarios, I really don't.

I mean lets say for the sake of argument that tomorrow an asteroid blew Valve right off the face of the earth...and? It takes less than 15 minutes on gamecopyworld to get a crack for every single game I have in my Steam folder, no different than with any retail game and in fact I'd argue its even easier than a retail game as you don't have to sit there dealing with SecuROM, Starfuck, or screwing with the registry to crack a Steam game.

So the way that I look at is if they give ME plenty of advantages in return for using the Steam DRM, such as autoupdating for all my games, GPU drivers updates, free MP, chat, and matchmaking services, and oh yeah MUCH cheaper prices? Then I have NO problem with it, I really don't. Hell one year I had to open a support ticket on fricking Xmas eve as a game I had bought was having an issue and I figured with the game not being made by valve and them being ass deep in their biggest sale of the year I'd be lucky if I heard from them in a week...I heard from a support rep not an hour later that not only fixed my problem (by giving me access to an internal Build of Steam that wasn't even available to the beta testers but which had enhancements that fixed the issue) but they even checked back in twice just to make sure i could access everything and it was all running smoothly.

Give me cheaper prices, all the goodies i listed above AND service that quick and customer friendly? Then I honestly don't care about the trivial to crack Steam DRM, I really don't. But does anybody think you'll get even a tenth as good a service from MSFT, or will you just get higher prices to fund some more of Ballmer's follies? I'm betting its the latter, hell I've had GFWL since Bioshock II came out and that shit STILL sucks major ass, making your console experience depend on MSFT having their shit together and not fucking you over is frankly just asking for it.

Comment Re:Does this actually work? (Score 4, Insightful) 400

Sorry but you'll get no sympathy from me, as much of it is their own doing. Just look at how you can take an EA game that is not even 3 years old and when you try to play the MP you get "No our new game instead!" yet I got Half Life 1 and Team Fortress Classic, both from the late 90s, as part of a bundle and guess what? The MP works fine and doesn't cost valve squat because the gamer can host!

Nobody is sticking a gun to their head and making them build some generic triple A CoD ripoff, in fact we have ample evidence with games like Dark Souls, Amnesia, XCom, Torchlight series, hell I could go on all day naming games aimed at a niche audience that made 30%,40%, even 50% profit above and beyond what it cost to make but the publishers have become greed on wheels so bad that games like Tomb Raider S (S for Stupid God damned name that makes no sense because there already WAS a Tomb Raider with no number beside it) can sell 4 million copies at $60 a fricking pop and STILL be considered a flop!

So I'm sorry, not a single fuck to give from me, in fact I agree with Jim Sterling at Escapist that has been saying for a couple of years we are heading for a game crash and it will be the best thing to happen for gamers in years as publishers have been treating them like walking ATMs and forcing everything to be generic grey sludge to try to please every possible demographic and the world would frankly be a better place if they died out.

At the end of the day its greed, that is ALL that it is, its this endless greed on wheels that has made it so that when you shell out $60 God damned dollars for a game you often get a gimped all to fuck shitty experience because "herpa de derp, you didn't give us $50 for the levels we ripped out and relabeled as DLC herpa de derpa", it is the endless greed that is made anything less than WoW or CoD money an instant failure, its the endless greed that refuses to look at hard evidence like the numbers Valve published showing that by selling L4D at a $20 or less price point they ended up not only making 1700% profit thanks to digital distribution removing copying costs but also made them insane amounts of money by bringing in new fans that bought everything from T-shirts to action figures, and its endless greed that has removed every single positive the console had over the PC thus making them worthless for the average person.

So you'll excuse me if I don't shed a single tear to see these bloated corporate monsters choke to death on their endless desire for every higher profits and need to bump the stock price, the whole lot of them is worthless as far as I'm concerned.

Comment I paid thousands of GBPs... (Score 5, Insightful) 775

And underwent surgery in order to get rid of glasses as they were the worst annoyance in my life - so there's no chance of me using this product.

People don't realise just how much these things are going to negatively affect you - you are going to be cleaning them all the time, they are going to cause irritation and issue with our hair and the side of your head, they are going to range from being unnoticeable to unignorable literally in minutes all throuout the day.

That's my take on it all. The wearable aspect is just a poor substitute for what we have been "promised" in fiction, so until it brings the positives without the negatives that I already went to great lengths to avoid, I'm not buying into it.

Comment Re:Does this actually work? (Score 5, Interesting) 400

Is MSFT gonna buy out all the ISPs? If not then who cares, the combination of shitty service and bandwidth caps will make this a non starter for a good 70%+ of the population if the states I've been to are any indication.

As Jim Sterling points out MSFT is pretty much giving the finger to everybody that doesn't have 1.-A ton of money and 2.- Incredible broadband, but the very same people that are left already have better devices to do the same thing such as gaming PCs, smart TVs, its the same stupid as hell strategy they did when pricing the Surface and that worked out real well didn't it?

Looking at these next gens I can see two positives, 1.- It'll make guys like me that sell and build affordable gaming PCs a LOT of money and 2.- With any luck the crackers will break this thing and then when MSFT can't give the damned things away because nobody wants their DRM-paloza we can pick 'em up and crack them and make halfway decent HTPCs out of the things like we did the original Xbox One.

But as far as an upside for the consumer? Sorry, not seeing one. Hell anybody with a PC less than 5 years old can pick up an HD4850 for like $40 and be able to play pretty much any game out there, most with medium to high settings thanks to how long the consoles have held back the PC and by Xmas I expect to see the HD7750 if not the HD7770 for less than $65 and those on average are 40% faster than the 4850 while using half the power.

Lets face it PC gaming has never been cheaper, heck AMD quads have been going for just $50 online, and thanks to there being competition on both the hardware and the software the price is going down all the time. Now you can buy games from Steam,GOG,D2D,Origin,Desura, box games from Amazon, with so much competition you can have more games than you can ever play for practically nothing AND you get online MP for free AND there are literally thousands of FTP games to choose from...lets face it, all MSFT is doing is making going to the PC a better choice. YOU control the hardware, YOU control the software, YOU choose whom to buy what from, its just a better experience now that MSFT has taken all the positives away from the console.

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