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Comment Re:Now there are two gaps .. (Score -1) 194

Thats funny. My own senses tell me there is a God or else I would have just killed myself many years ago. Do you really think someone that gets an 8 year theology degree completely lacks any critical thinking? What do you think apologetics are all about? If it weren't for atheists we wouldn't need any critical thinking any way. And anyway, do I really need critical thinking to read a blueprint? Do I need critical thinking to write a perl script? Do I need critical thinking to be an office clerk? No and no. I don't know of too many jobs that would require skills to "question assumptions." Typically assumptions come from your manager, and questioning him gets you fired. Furthermore seeing as how "critical thinking" is more philosophical than anything, how can it truly be taught? It is based completely on one's personal opinion. God calls us to be obedient and serve. Not to lay around and do what ever we feel like until judgment comes.

Comment Re:Now there are two gaps .. (Score -1) 194

And what "bad" will come from creationism? I don't know of any bad that comes from putting God in a school. However, plenty of bad things happen when you take God out. Of course I am sure you'll just quote something irrelevant about the crusades from 1000 years ago or suicide bombers in third world countries..... Moving on...

Comment Do away with high school IMO (Score -1) 490

I really don't see the point of grades 10-12. Every single class that I took in high school I had to take again in college, english, speech, history, algebra, pre cal, calculus, physics... So what is the point of even taking them in high school? What is the point of high school anyway? (besides learning how to smoke dope and put condoms on bananas in health class) Not only did I have to retake those classes, the classes weren't even the same, way way way harder and I even failed a couple of them.

Comment Re:What if you can't get a full bladder? (Score -1) 229

I did something like that for new years once. I stole some of my grandpa's catheters and my buddy and me, ..err installed them on our selves. Then with some aquarium tubing, extended them out the window. We sat in the living room all night playing counter strike and drinking 40's. It was quite memorable, especially the UTI that I got from it..

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