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Comment Re:Get both (Score 1) 415

I cannot agree more. I have a Kobo WiFi and a Nexus 7 and a Xoom. 10" tablets are too heavy for serious reading. I have the Kobo app on my Nexus and the two sync. So I can use the Kobo in daylight for reading novels. The Kobo is light and runs for weeks and is easy on the eyes. I read a book on the Kobo faster than on a dead tree book. At night when every one else is asleep the Nexus is great because you can read it in the dark or in low light. The Nexus weighs more than the Kobo but is light enough. The Nexus wins hands down for reading magazines and technical books. Anything with pictures or diagrams and I use the tablet. The one big advantage to the Nexus is thet you can install Kobo, Google Play, Aldiko etc etc and buy books from all of them. Nothing like competition. And with Feedbooks and Calibre the whole universe of out of copyright books is available.

Comment Re:I use Gnome 3.4 every day and would never go ba (Score 1) 535

Troll? Really? Anyone with a different view of the world to you is a troll? There is a simple retort to your silly jibe. If you live in the third world or in the middle of a desert then do not use Internet connected services. Xfce4 will serve you fine. But do not suggest that the rest of us should be reduced to the lowest common denominator. Those of us who live in big cities in the developed world and who have an Internet connection everywhere would very much like to move forward and use the applications of the 21st C. Anyone with an Android phone or an iPhone can configure that phone to be a mobile WiFi hotspot. If your provider does not allow this then change providers. Your own connection, locked down, everywhere. If you have a phone you are always connected. 3G accounts keep coming down in price. At home my ADSL 2+ never fails. Years and years of up time.

Comment I use Gnome 3.4 every day and would never go back (Score 2, Informative) 535

I use Gnome 3.4 every day and would never go back to the old ways. Extension are a terrific idea and there is plenty of development in that area. The future of the desktop is as a seamless connection to the Internet, so that local apps and online apps are both available as if they are all installed locally. Queue the naysayers who will go on about what happens when you do not have a connection. That is why Gnome can be a mixture of local and remote. You can stay stuck in the past with Mate, or move into the future. It does not bother me if you stay stuck in the past, but I look forward to the next generation of Gnome, and the one after that. Lastly, there would not be a Unity or a Cinnamon without Gnome. Both are merely alternate shells to Gnome 3.x. But that is the strength of the new Gnome, you can make alternate shells.

Comment Re:Disabling Antialiasing (Score 1) 114

No. I just tried to see what would happen and Firefox insists on ignoring system settings. I know it can be done permanently, because I have had to go the other way. To remove all antiailiasing from the system requires playing around with font config. You would start by removing .fontconfig.conf from your home folder and restarting. Also setting the monitor as not an LCD would help. This is not the place for this type of discussion. A post in the Linuxmint forums would get expert help in a hurry.

Comment Re:'The internet: where religions come to die' (Score 2) 796

I would love to think you are right. But, we are both Australian and have grown up in a country with true separation of church and state. A country that has never been overly religious and one where people have always had a healthy disregard for authority. My R.I. classes at school were truly fun. A teacher trying to teach us the way of religion and 25 kids completely ignoring him/her as if he/she was not there. Yet, they kept trying and now in Victoria they are trying to bring it all back. The result will be the same. But, this cannot be extended to the rest of the world (except perhaps our cousins in NZ). Fundamentalism is on the rise in so many paces. One of our politicians that is fighting the good fight is Nick Xenophon. He has no hesitation in condemning the ratbags when they deserve it. If a senator was so outspoken in the USA he would not be re-elected, here he is a hero. Will the Arab Spring result in a saner world or sharia law from Afghanistan to Morocco. Only time will tell.

Comment Re:Hopefully (Score 1) 796

"Reason and religion are not mutually exclusive" - they do not have to be, but when you read of the constant attacks on teaching Evolution in the USA and the creation of Creationist Museums that show people frolicking with dinosaurs then you have say that there is a growing religious attack on common sense. And it is not just in America. In the Islamic world Evolution is under attack as well. The deeply devout seem to struggle with a world that is much older than 6000 years. It is ironic that the Catholics seem to be the new home of religious accommodation with science.

Comment Re:Hopefully (Score 5, Insightful) 796

The world is rapidly going the other way. Back in the 60s and 70s people thought that The Age of Reason had won and we could move into the future with hope. Now reason is under attack from the religions of the world. And it is getting worse by the day. All the fundamentalists from all religions should be made to sit and watch The Life of Brian at least one a year and eat halibut.

Comment Tablet as well as computer, not instead of .... (Score 1) 185

How many people ONLY have a tablet and not a PC/Mac/notebook. Hands up out there. Well that is not many. The post PC world is still driven by the PC in one form or another. Would anyone seriously write a book on a tablet, even with a bluetooth keyboard attached? How about do serious video editing, audio editing, desktop publishing? What on a 10" screen? Even accounting. The time will come when you can sit you tablet down next to an external large screen, keyboard with extra USB3 connections and HiFi speakers and it will all automatically sync together and become ..... a PC. You can then pick it up and walk away with it until your significant others shout "who has taken the PC?", then you will need a second tablet to supplement your err PC. I have a PC, a notebook and a Xoom and a Samsung Galaxy S - they all share calendar, email, docs via the cloud and they all work in harmony. And they all have their purposes. The only real redundancy is that the notebook could replace the desktop, but not if the tablet replaced the notebook.

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