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Comment SuSE 6 (Score 1) 739

A total pain, as it was SuSE 6.0 (or maybe 5.0) and it took me about 4 days to get my NIC working. I actually BOUGHT the 6 CDs that came with it. I could hardly partition my drive and so I was afraid I'd loose my windows ... oh boo hoo! It's funny, I don't remember my first girlfriend's name...

Comment Re:Two changes that could've been made (Score 1) 852

Life on earth seemed to get along without this stuff. I was kinda half asleep when I saw the finale, but wasn't it a military/executive decision to leave technology? I do agree with StandardCell about separating the colonials into technology/non-technology. I am watching the series again and it's incredible all the things they tie in to the finale. It's like they knew the story, start to end, before writing the second episode!

Comment Re:On what platform did they test? (Score 1) 532

I just skimmed the article and didn't see anything about the OS they used. I'm betting that if they ran on Vista, they primarily use IE8 on that system. And last I heard Vista actually improves performance of applications based on how often they are used. Would this speed up overall performance or only start-up performance? I wonder if this was taken into consideration.

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