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Comment Re:wagging the dog (Score 1) 840

I understand exactly what you are saying, and I dare say a full discussion of your entire post would extend to pages. I sadly don't have the time, so I'll have to be brief in my response
Numerous priests have been engaged in a string of sexual assaults against children. It's absolutely terrible, horrific, and had they been perpetrated against my own children I'd probably have trouble sticking to the commandment "Thou shalt not kill". I refuse to defend them, they are indefensible.
However, the letter that's been touted as the proof that the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was covering up, was actually talking about the laicising an already convicted priest. This means to remove his title as priest, his pension, and to essentially throw him out onto the street. How is that a cover up?
Instead it seems the American bishops are to blame for not removing this criminal from public office, and it is them that need to be held accountable for this. Why the hell aren't these bishops being focused on? What excuse do they have for not retiring this priest and keeping him away from children? Perhaps it's not so much fun to target an American?
Most of the rest of your post is so broad reaching I'm leaving it alone. Except to say that it's the chair of Peter, not Paul - and it's not a throne either.

Comment Re:wagging the dog (Score 1) 840

1-in many places, not just the Catholic church. Thankfully that's changing.
2-I've seen nothing demonstrating this point in the main-stream media (and I've been following it closely). Again, if you have a link or two I'd appreciate it. I'm not blind to facts, I just haven't seen any.
3-Well it hasn't worked on me, I'm listening to you ;)

Comment Re:wagging the dog (Score 1) 840

I'm aware of how complicit the media says he is. When I read the actual quotes it paints a very different story. If you do have anything that demonstrates this, I'd like to see it, if you could provide a link or two.

That said, if the facts do show that he is complicit as you say, his being Pope doesn't change the fact that his actions would then be despicable. There have been bad Popes before, and though I hope it will never happen, there probably will be again. In the least, bad Popes in the past have been so busy disgracing their position that they've failed to have much to say on doctrine. These days, their predecessors have given up so much power, that hopefully the damage they do to people and the world would be much more limited.

Comment Re:wagging the dog (Score 2, Insightful) 840

Also from the wikipedia link:

Crimen sollicitationis (Latin: the crime of soliciting) was a 1962 letter from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (or Holy Office) codifying procedures to be followed in cases of priests or bishops of the Catholic Church accused of having used the sacrament of Penance to make sexual advances to penitents.

The document is primary concerned with disciplinary matters regarding the priests violating their promise of celibacy. A quick look at the details will demonstrate that it was not written to address paedophilia, as that is a criminal offence and should always be handled by the civil authorities.

Comment Re:wagging the dog (Score 5, Interesting) 840

Most likely no one will listen to me, but I may as well try and reach a few people.

The Pope is speaking specifically about the effect that the internet will have on individuals, as this is his primary function as the Pope. I don't think this message should be taken as some condemnation of internet transparency. It seems to me that he's primary speaking about the dangers that arise (with respect to the soul) in any "wild west" situation like the internet.

Oh, and since TFA seems primarily concerned with the child abuse scandal (obviously this is a despicable thing that has happened), it might also be worth mentioning that the Pope is the bishop of Rome, and his primacy is in matters of faith. He is *not* the CEO of the Church like you might find in an ordinary industry. If we want to find resolutions to the abuse scandal, we have to bring the local bishops to account. If somehow the Pope is removed, it will not get rid of the problem. All it will do is make a few Atheists happy.

Submission + - iiNet Wins In Australia! (techdirt.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Slashdot previously covered the lawsuit against iiNet by the various movie studios, where they claimed that the ISP was responsible for users sharing movie content using BitTorrent on their network. Today the judge ruled that iiNet was not infringing saying that as an ISP it was obviously separate from the act of infringement. "Copyright infringement occured as result of use of BitTorrent, not the Internet," the judge said. "iiNet has no control over BitTorrent system and not responsible for BitTorrent system."
The Courts

Submission + - Landmark ruling gives Australian ISPs safe harbor (itnews.com.au)

omnibit writes: Today, the Federal Court of Australia handed down its ruling in favor of the country's third largest ISP, iiNet. The case was backed by some of the largest media companies, including 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. They accused iiNet of approving piracy by ignoring thousands of infringement notices. Justice Cowdroy said that the "mere provision of access to internet is not the means to infringement" and "[c]opyright infringement occured as result of use of BitTorrent, not the Internet...iiNet has no control over BitTorrent system and [is] not responsible for BitTorrent system." Many internet providers had been concerned that an adverse ruling would have forced themselves to police internet traffic and comply with the demands of copyright owners without any legislative or judicial oversight.

Comment Re:Do They Still Advertise them as "Unlimited"? (Score 2, Informative) 421

If they work anything like those in Australia, then they wont be advertised as unlimited, but the actual cap will be in small print. Still, most ISPs here give you tools to monitor your usage, so hopefully the same will be implemented in the US. Why not shape rather than charge extra though?

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