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Comment Re:Experience (Score 1) 354

None appearantly, that is his point. Books are really crappy for conveying the full breadth of an experience completely and accurately.

But with AI you only have to experience something with one instance of the AI and it can then be shared between all instances. Of course this is only in theory since noone has implemented it yet. But doing that with a book is not possible.

Comment Re:Can I learn how to program the GPU from the sou (Score 3, Informative) 187

The main graphics coder at my job recommends A trip through the Graphics Pipeline 2011 for everyone that wants to do something graphics related today. (Actually he says it's a must read for all programmers, but I think that's a bit strong...)

It's a bit windows-centric, but I think most of it translates to OpenGL since it's focused on what the hardware of today can do.

Comment Re:This just makes sense (Score 1) 1345

The problem with this way of seeing it is that if cause/effect works completely on scientific grounds and god doesn't interfere, then god becomes completely irrelevant and miracles don't happen. If miracles don't happen then the bible (or any other holy text) is full of lies, how do we even know that god exists if he just set the universe up and left it to it's own devices?

On the other hand, if the bible tells the truth and god interferes, miracles happen, then science isn't really all that useful since we can't trust it.

Comment Re:Did some digging (Score 1) 252

There's an all-or-nothing switch - you can't throttle it or set limits, and of course you can't use your own torrent client to download it.

There should be no "of course" in that sentence, I used to be able to download the patches with my client of choice. The torrents were posted on wowwiki (probably not from an official source though). I haven't played the game for some time, so it might not be possible any more.

Comment Re:Ban guns (Score 2) 2166

I thought this was exactly why Americans wanted to keep their guns, so they can shoot at the government when the government doesn't suit them. It's right their in the second amendment.

DISCLAIMER: Being swedish I've never read the second amendment, but that's what a lot of people, ie on slashdot, claim that it says.

Comment Re:Who has the gall to be surprised?! (Score 1) 492

I don't sweden is where you want to move if you want to fileshare right now. We just implemented something called IPRED http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPRED . Basically it allows IP-owners to demand the logs from ISPs, without talking to the police/court, and makes it illegal to download copyrighted material (as opposed to giving it to someone else).

Comment Re:Swordfighting (Score 2, Interesting) 153

I'm not sure if you're joking or not, but I'm pretty sure that the wiimote isn't even close to being balanced like any real sword (possibly a lightsaber ^^).

To have a control scheme that let's you do "real" sword-fighting (or sword-drawing for that matter) is probably not a good idea. What you can do is get closer than with a gamepad, which doesn't really say much, but it would still be a game kind of control scheme.

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