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Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 108

A modest suggestion - whenever you feel like someone has made a basic math error in their own field, or doesn't know basic facts about the technology in their own field, and they are a high-level professional in that field, say, a mission manager talking to the press, and you are not, you should consider the possibility that you might be the one who is mistaken.

OTOH, the Terra press kit distributed by NASA includes the following statement:

The science data recorded onboard will be transmitted via Kuband at 150 Megabits per second.

Comment Re:NSA (Score 1) 251

I don't think that latency was due to filtering being slow, I think adding latency was the goal. If the Chinese firewall simply blocks large swaths of the Internet, there's the potential of citizen backlash. If, instead, they can just degrade the sites they don't want people looking at, they can gently nudge people towards using other sites that provide the same general services but which are willing to cooperate with the Chinese authorities with respect to what content they provide.

Comment Re:I'm confused (Score 1) 154

No intelligent lawyer would dare claim that a 31 second clip where that extra second actually conveys some important information (thus why it still needs to be included) is in violation of copyright just because it is 31 seconds long and not 30.

But if 31 seconds is fair use, surely a 32 second clip is too as one second can hardly make a difference. Then someone makes a 33 second clip because hey, when all these 32 second clips are fair use... and so it goes. It's hard to say which little step crosses the invisible boundary from fair to non-fair use, but if "the amount and substantiality of the portion taken" is the deciding factor in the four factor test then one of those steps will be one step too far. And you won't actually know until you've gone too far, been taken to court and lost. Any reasonable lawyer must then say "I can't with certainty say whether this is legal or not" and then as an administrator I wouldn't want to take responsibility for a policy of questionable legality nor let my employees carry them out. The institution will be at trial here, not the employee.

Comment Re:NSA (Score 3, Interesting) 251

What possible reason does such a company have for an Ethernet MAC that receives only?

Anything from a higher classified system that is to deliver data to a lower classified system, for example you need to get data from extremely sensitive military satellites to battle commanders in the field and it needs to happen in real time, you can't have total network separation. Then you generate a one-way feed where there is physically no possible way for anyone to connect to the feed and hack themselves backwards through routers into the satellites. And of course you put a ton of code review, surveillance and logging on the sending system to make sure it doesn't send more than it should, but that's not relevant to this discussion. So there's a lot of valid reasons for the military to buy this besides the NSA.

Comment Re: How? (Score 2) 401

The old fans would be far too busy hating on the new captain not being a Kirk or Picard or Sisko (or even Janeway or Archer) to ever be trusted to support something new. Even "Lord of the Rings" got lots of nerd rage for cutting out Tom Bombadil, replacing about a million elfs with Galadriel and Elrond, adding humor to Gimli's character not to mention the whole Aragon/Galadriel love story which was too much of a chic flick taking away from the Frodo/Sam story and the list goes on and on. And really, what people want to see has gotten darker. Even a child/teen movie series like Harry Potter is way darker than what you'd show in the past, compare old Batman movies to new Batman movies, really the fairy tale Star Trek wouldn't please anyone anymore. You think you do out of nostalgia but really you'd quickly be bored out of your wits.

Comment Re:OP or tune it ee (Score 4, Insightful) 248

We're talking about jobs where geezers are retiring. Nobody retires from .com jobs as a geezer. They quit, cash out, opt out, are laid off or are forced out a-la Microsoft's Stack Ranking while they're still in their 30's. There is no retirement in private sector tech. If you're old enough to worry about that, you're on your way out.


I'm 44 and quite productively employed in private sector tech... and work with many people significantly older than I am, some into their 60s.

Comment Re:Free speech (Score 1) 432

Bullshit. Incitement to violence is illegal in the US. Hate speech is not that, or rather it's vastly broader: it's politically unacceptable speech. Yeah, the government protects my rights to politically acceptable speech - that's some freedom there.

Direct, imminent and specific incitement to violence yes, speech to condition a population into going along with genocide or other violations of fundamental civil rights no. Hitler (yeah, pretty hard not to Godwin this thread) didn't go out and say "kill all the jews", but he likened them to rats and other pests. He left people to work out on their own - with fairly obvious clues - that what Nazi Germany needed was pest control. He didn't need to it directly, it didn't need to be imminent and he didn't have to point out any specific targets or methods but the overall meaning was very clear. It's like claiming the Mafia isn't making a threat when they're saying "Pretty shop you got there, it would be a shame if anything were to happen to it". Hate speech has the same goal, it's just wrapped in a nicer package.

Comment Tenure (Score 1) 302

That's the golden word in all of your support. Tenure.

That is why they do those long hours, to secure tenure. You know, the ability to lay back and not have to worry about the future - or actually work.

We all know people in IT who worked just as hard and even longer than the proto-profs and do not have tenure.

My heart does not bleed. The salaries the profs draw are anything but terrible. Hyperbole for teachers salaries is like the race card; old and unimpressive anymore.

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